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  1. I’ve Been Converted from 3 Tones to Square Pitch

    Ok, I could have said Square and Pitch. Would that have been clearer in your view?
  2. Second Seminole War Finds

    Geneva….near Oviedo
  3. I’ve Been Converted from 3 Tones to Square Pitch

    You’re not “missing” anything. It all comes down to personal preference… simple as that.
  4. I’ve Been Converted from 3 Tones to Square Pitch

    When you select pitch, you can then go to expert and select either PWM or Square. Personal preference in how the pitch tone sounds: PWM PWM is the traditional XP sound that you would have known on I or the wired range. It is dynamic and informative through its wealth of harmonics that vary...
  5. I’ve Been Converted from 3 Tones to Square Pitch

    For many years, I detected our Florida beaches with various Minelab detectors set up in a custom 3 tone setting based on low, mid and high conductive targets. This combination served me very well over those years in the Minelab world so when I bought the Deus 2, I programmed Beach and Beach...
  6. Depth vs Sensitivity: The View from my Foxhole

    On any evaluation I’ve ever read of a given detector or a head to head comparison, the discussion invariably reverts to the subject of raw detectable depth—it seems the “holy grail” of evaluating a detectors worth can be answered with these two questions. “How deep is detector A? Is it deeper...
  7. XP Dues 2 remote has frozen screen

    It will take a good day to fully discharge. Just leave it go until it shuts off then plug in the charger. It will return to life and you won’t lose any custom programs. Those who disconnected the battery reported loss of their custom programs.
  8. XP Dues 2 remote has frozen screen

    That happened to me also. I just let it drain the battery until it shut off on its own. Plugged the charger in and it came back to life. I let it charge all the way up and it was back to normal. Another option is to disassemble the control box, , unplug the battery, then plug it back in. I...
  9. Warning: Deus 2 Remote Froze During Frequency Scan

    It doesn’t take weeks to power it down. I think it took about a day of just letting it sit until it goes off on its own. When it does, simply plug it in to the charger and it will return to normal operation. Let it charge back up all the way and you’ll be ready to go again.
  10. Couple of Questions....

    I was a Minelab man for many years; etrac, Excal, CTX, Equinox and Vanquish. But then I bought the Deus 2 and never looked back. Minelab Equinox is an excellent detector but the Deus 2 is superior in my judgement….more capable in every aspect and better build quality. Just the view from my foxhole.
  11. Got my trigger guard!!

    Truly outstanding effort and find my friend!!!
  12. Some Deus II TID Data

    One thing you'll notice if you conduct a similar test is that the TIDs will differ depending on which program and the particular settings you select. Example; the Morgan silver dollar TID ranged from 95-99 as I scrolled through the various programs. Why? I can't say for sure since I'm not a...
  13. Some Deus II TID Data

    I used my custom Beach program….the program I use most on our beaches. I too depend on sounds over TID. As I wrote, this list is intended as just a “ballpark”
  14. Some Deus II TID Data

    I tested some of the more common targets we might find at the beach and on land just as a "ballpark" reference in my on-going effort to transition from Minelab to XP. These results are from my custom Beach program that I use most often on our beaches. Be advised, the target TID's listed...
  15. Second Seminole War Finds

    Updated URL:
  16. 0.71 Was Solid at the Beach

    Please keep in mind that although those setting of mine may be a good start point on salt water beaches, they aren't the magic formula for universal success. Every beach is different so you'll have to adjust the settings to the conditions at your specific site. As I've always said...
  17. 0.71 Was Solid at the Beach

    I took my D2, with underwater antenna attached, to Cocoa Beach for its maiden run after updating it. My primary objective was to test the stability in salt water and develop a custom program I could use as a start point on subsequent salt water beach hunts. I used the factory Beach program as...
  18. My 0.71 Update Experience

    I admit to being somewhat reserved about jumping right in to the latest update, but this morning, I decided to try it on my secondary Deus 2 that I’ve christened the “Test Dummy.” After following the exact sequence as shown on the XP update screen for a flawless installation, I added all custom...
  19. Deus I or II

    Since I'm a saltwater beach hunter, Deus 2...without a moments hesitation.
  20. Cremation Tags

    Out of a sense of respect, I always throw them back in the sea.