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  1. Got hammered on Father’s Day

    Thanks Ive found about 6 of various designs/monarchs here but I rarely if ever find them elsewhere. I think this site had a lot of commercial activity. Lots of UK websites on them though
  2. Got hammered on Father’s Day

    Haven’t been hunting much and nothing worth posting till today. Short water hunt came away with two keepers. Another late 17th or early 18th cloth seal(William?) from the same area Ive found many over the years. Another nearby stretch of shoreline got me whats left of a 1656 Spanish 1 Reale cob
  3. 1853 GOLD $1

    Thanks. Its all about location. Ive found nearly as many gold coins as gold rings. I just dont find/hunt many more modern spots
  4. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking...1662 Massachusetts Oak Tree Twopence

    Wow that is awesome. Congrats. Id trade my pine tree shilling for that little beauty
  5. A first(and prolly last) We had no idea what it was

    They were also the only US silver coin that circulated regularly at the time(1851-1853). They were only 75% silver and as such were the only newly minted silver coin that would not yield a profit if melted down. The mint corrected this problem in mid 1853 by reducing the weight and increasing...
  6. Another thin river trime and a nice pewter button

    Found another trime in the river this evening unfortunately thin silvers like trimes and half reales never hold up well in the water. Pewter buttons like this one,however, come out much better than on land so maybe one day I’ll get a nice USA button out there
  7. Half of a Half Dime

    Yes their was an acute silver coin shortage in the early 1850s as most US silver could be melted for profit until the mint got the weights right in mid 1853. Probably local shortages before and after as well but still cut US silver is something you never see
  8. Half of a Half Dime

    Lots of mid 19thbuttons a few were military
  9. Half of a Half Dime

    Funny thing is this site has not produced a single copper. Just a slick half real, half cut half real, half cut half dime and a 1852 gold $1.
  10. Half of a Half Dime

    Maybe but why then dont we find more cut US silver. Common practice in 18th century but surely not by the mid 19th. No?
  11. Half of a Half Dime

    Not many fields I can still get into but the site where I got my first gold dollar four years ago was still open. Only keeper was the cut seated half dime. Found a half cut milled half real here years ago. Only site were Ive ever found such coins and I cant recall ever seeing a intentionally cut...
  12. Low mintage 1811 capped dime large cent and more

    Congrats. Ive got 4x as many gold dollars as capped bust dimes. Rare finds indeed
  13. King George II and some other guy

    Nice coppers. Those late 17th Century ones are always slicks
  14. Spanish silver and old gold thought I had another gold dollar

    Any experts recognize the makers mark?

    Looks like you have some good soil for finding nice condition coins to me
  16. Spanish silver and old gold thought I had another gold dollar

    Did a quick water hunt with my new 6” coil on the Nox. Hit a spot that has produced 1890s to present finds. I was very surprised to get a water worn 1756? half real but when the little 14k pin, button or whatever it is came out I thought for sure another gold dollar. Still a very cool turn of...
  17. Silver Thimble (?)

    Ive found 4 or 5 and all are unmarked other than size stamp on a few. Without a sterling mark and based on where found I would assume they are all around CivilWar or earlier
  18. I Tried The Beach Update Today on Long Island!

    I do own a Legend. It was terrible at the beach out of the box and it has other issues as well apparently though I did not notice anything else wrong myself Ive only updated my Equinox 600 twice and that was to get the reduced backlight brightness. I would have never updated had it not been for...
  19. I Tried The Beach Update Today on Long Island!

    Thats great if your cool with them selling a machine that would not work properly out of the box
  20. Cherry Barber quarter

    Found some stuff at my circa 1800 home site including a completely slick copper:BangHead: Not a single signal left at the nearby gold coin site but while swinging between the two I found a nice 1915 quarter that I somehow missed in the past