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  1. Tried finding a CW bullet

    Congrats on the CW lead. I remember those days of craving some CW lead. I just loved the feeling that came with it that you were digging up history, and thinking about the CW soldiers that fired or dropped them. Those hot days were tough. Ticks, sweating like crazy, and heat rash. Ahhh the...
  2. 1834 half dollar

    HOLY SMOKES Merf!!!! What a beauty. An employee of the mint must have dropped that one on their way home. Lol. Amazing condition and very old too. You never let us down. Congrats!!!
  3. Discovered this today in a load of landscaping rocks. Can anyone help identify?

    Here's the piece I found many years ago. It was on an old property that dated back to the late 1700's. It later became a dairy farm.
  4. Discovered this today in a load of landscaping rocks. Can anyone help identify?

    I found a very similar one years ago. I posted it on TN. It was ID'd as slag. I still have it in my display case. I was looking for my old post to hopefully send you the link, but it won't open. Neat find.
  5. Fantastic finds from a Colonial cellar!

    Holy smokes, great recoveries! I love that show buckle and 1812 button. Way to go!!!
  6. Found my cake and ate it to.

    That's great! From one Doug (Dug) to another, Happy Birthday. I see we are about the same age too. Dougasaurus
  7. 50 cents?....

    I've always been told if you have the larger of the two halves the bank will take it. Either way, the American dollar is certainly shrinking.
  8. Rare Civil War Drug Dealers Token

    What a cool token and CW era too. Fantastic find!!! Great job.
  9. Our first Civil War button!

    Congrats on your CW Infantry button. It's a beauty. I still remember my first one too up against an old oak tree. Little did I know I was just scratching the surface at that property. Some nice relics you have there. Looking forward to seeing what else you find.
  10. ๐Ÿ™‹ WANTED Want To Buy Tesoro Compadre

    Terry, I have a Silver uMax if interested. Excellent condition. Very easy to use.
  11. Some interesting finds.

    I need a "slow week" like that Merf. Nice digs. Congrats.
  12. Hello! So Happy I found TN!

    I read your post title and thought you meant TN as in Tennessee. Lol. Welcome, and I hope to see some of you great future finds.
  13. Eyeballed a cool railroad relic

    Awesome variety of finds!!! Very cool. Congrats.
  14. Got permission to hunt a site the day before planting.

    Sweet IH Merf. Can't wait to see what else you pull out of that spot.
  15. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Still Shaking...1662 Massachusetts Oak Tree Twopence

    Now that's an outstanding jaw dropper recovery!!!! Holy smokes!! Well deserved BANNER find.
  16. Walked a mile back to a field site.

    Two great buttons Merf. Congrats The cannonball guy may have your answer here to the Imperial Standard flat button:
  17. A Nice Civil War era Navy button

    Great looking old Navy button. Lots of gold gilt still left. Nice haul.
  18. Got out to the location of a long closed park.

    Like an idiot, when we moved from Raleigh to the NC mountains I gave my whole book of property owner contacts to a guy I detected with sometimes. I thought I would never need it again and was just being a nice guy. I wish I had it back. He said he "lost it". Lesson learned I guess. I am working...
  19. Got out to the location of a long closed park.

    Glad to hear you are doing well Merf. The new and improved Merf is still kicking butt out there. My time away was because we moved to the NC mountains (less activity here) , a few other workshop hobbies covid, , and two new grandkids. Looking forward to getting back into it.