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  1. First hunt of 2022...first gold of 2022

    That ring is a beauty; looks old too. Congrats and best wishes for your health.
  2. Rev War Kings Orange Rangers and Cut 8 Real

    Very interesting finds. Cut silver is high on my bucket list. That is probably the nicest tombac button I have ever seen - what a beautiful design. Congrats on the great dig.
  3. Got hammered on Father’s Day

    That cloth seal is really cool. Cob too … wow! Congrats!
  4. New site with early coppers and a unusual US Large Cent

    What a great mix of coins. That CT copper is fantastic. Congrats!
  5. First Tombac Button and Nice 1849 Large Cent

    That large cent is a beauty. Congrats!
  6. Crazy button find, Haitian Phoenix button!

    Great button. I was lucky enough to dig one last year in Mass. Mine was Regiment 20. Great history, wonderful design, and a rare find around here. Congrats!
  7. Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    Congrats again. This thread gets more and more interesting as you add additional detail and context. I hope this beautiful old gold gets the attention it clearly deserves. Good luck.
  8. Complete 1700s buckle and my dandiest Dandy

    Thanks! I am not sure if the parts swivel, as I am too afraid to try. I rarely find old buckles like this, so I want to make sure it stays intact. Pretty cool that you got your buckles to move. Must be in great shape too. Thanks again.
  9. Complete 1700s buckle and my dandiest Dandy

    Thanks Jeff. Summer on the Cape and winter in North Carolina, perhaps? One can dream. Great detecting in both states, I suspect. HH!
  10. Complete 1700s buckle and my dandiest Dandy

    I hit a new spot several times this past week. It is an interesting hole in the woods along a former road. The hole is not rock lined, though there are a few broken old red bricks in it. I heard a lot of iron, so I assumed it was a cellar. First time there I dug this nice shoe buckle and a...
  11. Matronized! 1849

    Such a great coin to find - congrats! I really like the AT Pro and think it’s a great machine, but I too prefer the Equinox for versatility and performance. Happy hunting!
  12. First half dime!

    Congrats on finding such a beautiful old coin. That is a tough find. Nice you could share the moment with your kids.
  13. Seated Park delivers again! Dime trifecta and better date Indians

    Nice coins, especially that Seated dime. Wish I could find an old dig-friendly park around here. Good luck with tourist season. Memorial Day weekend seems to me to be the unofficial start of the rush., or at least a preview of what is to come. Good luck and HH!.
  14. Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    That ring is stunning. What a wonderful piece of art, with some great history. Nice photos and post. I think that would look great on the Banner. My vote is in. Congrats!
  15. Nice Coat Button

    You must have a massive collection of buttons, as you sure post a lot of great ones. Congrats on another nice find.
  16. More Cowbell.

    Conestoga wagon bell? Very nice. Congrats!
  17. Big Wyoming Silver

    Such a great coin; and a tough one to find. Still looking for my first. Congrats on digging a real beauty.
  18. Two Months, Two Morgans

    Awesome! Still on my bucket list. Congrats on a great pair of big silvers.
  19. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    I hope this post gets a banner next; my vote is already in. I think 18th and early 19th century British silver coins are rare finds here in the states. I occasionally see KGIII coins, but they are coppers. I have seen Spanish 8-reales get a banner, and deservedly so. This coin is equally worthy...
  20. Very Cool Battle of Waterloo 1815 Flat Button and a Large Cent!

    Very nice button, and that LC is in great shape. Congrats!