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  1. Critter Thief

    This little critter climbed down off my fence, climbed up my sunflower plant, stole a blossom, then climbed up on the top of the fence. He ran down the top about 6 feet and stopped to pull out the fresh seeds. He was so busy he allowed me to get within 3-4 feet of him and didn't miss a beat...
  2. Bought A New Detector

    I just received a new detector, a Garrett AT Pro. It has most of the features I was looking for and several I don't need, but seems to fit what I have been looking for. It is only my second digital detector. The first one was not to my liking that I bought many years ago. Sold it several...
  3. Shaniko: Oregon ghost town

    Shaniko once billed itself as the "wool shipping capital of the world." It boomed after 1900 when a railroad branch line was built to it to capitalize on the large sheep, wool, and wheat crops produced in central Oregon. Shaniko was the terminus of the branch line. It boomed until 1910 when a...
  4. Compass Collection!

    Just recently finished putting together my Compass Challenger X-Series Collection. Enjoy!
  5. Newbie!

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. Greetings from the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon. :hello:
  6. reduce photo files

    How do I go about reducing my photo files to I can download them to my profile? Anybody... ?