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  1. Silver??

    I don't think it would hurt to soak it.
  2. Silver??

    It could be some encrusted aluminum, it would give a silver color and it would be light and it wouldn't be magnetic either. An acid test is probably needed to confirm what it is.
  3. Got My Second Ring Today With The AT Pro

    Cool looking ring, I wonder what kind of stones?
  4. What do you think this is guys if anyone can help found this at my new permission.

    It could have been a repair on a hand tool. Wrapping a break in the wood where the handle met the implement being used.
  5. Septarian Stone

    I found this in the mountains close by me made me think of what you have there just in a massive size.
  6. Great finds in 150feet of a wash.

    That makes for a good day stumbling around with your detector.
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Metal work stamp??

    Thank you for the extra pictures they may help in an ID. I myself can't ID it ,it is a strange item but maybe the extra pictures can help.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED It's on the tip of my tongue... metal detecting find

    My boss as a kid walked with a cane and he had 2 screwed into the hood on the tractor to clamp his cane into.
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Metal work stamp??

    Show pictures of all sides please, it could help in identification.
  10. Lake Meade, how come nobody cares

    Yep gives you something to hide by.
  11. Found a Gun at a Tot Lot

    I had that same BB gun when I was a kid and that was 40 years ago it surprises me they still make it.
  12. Lake Meade, how come nobody cares

    I have always thought that a pipeline could be built along all interstates to take excess storm water(flooding and tidal surges) and pump it to the Nevada desert into underground aquifers that would clean up the water and then pump it to needed areas at a cost. Most interstates have a large...
  13. How would you stop CRIME ?

    I will quote Troy Landry when I say "choot em" that tends to stop criminals and gators.
  14. What would you do?

    Plan another trip back and use these ones as sacrificial stones and any from here on can be specimens on the shelf if these show no promise.
  15. A beautiful piece of skrimshaw

    That is a beautiful piece of scrimshaw, a friend of mines Father owned a scrimshaw shop in my hometown that was my first introduction to the art style and he did a lot on bone and horns so I supplied him with a lot I found while hunting and hiking.
  16. Aluminum pull tabs, cans, brass and copper.

    I keep scrap of all kinds, even bullet casings those have to be separate from other brass as they pay different prices for shells and they also need to check to make sure all the primers have been fired off, it wouldn't be good to start melting brass and have a bunch of shells exploding.
  17. Tool? Geofact? Curious piece found while weeding

    It does seem to have been worked but for what purpose I really can't see a purpose for it.
  18. How would you stop CRIME ?

    My Mom whooped my butt if I did something wrong and I learned right from wrong and she was a single parent and the whole town kept an eye out on all of us kids that were growing up in town. Also I trained my bird dog with a training device some would think Barbaric but it was a simulated bird...
  19. Am I close to the gold?

    Those samples look a lot better because they have other minerals mixed in the matrix, the other quartz the white, was pretty much just pure milk quartz. When you are looking for gold it travels where Iron and copper woud be also, so some color in your quartz is always a good thing. With all your...