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  1. Out my back door.

    Nice picture! Looks like a great place to relax with a beer in one hand and a good cigar in the other!
  2. Whats the significance of your selected profile name?

    My avatar is my best dog buddy, now deceased. His name was Arthur. When my oldest granddaughter first saw him she said, "Arthur? He look more like and 'Arfer' to me!" His nickname eventually morphed into "ArfieBoy!"
  3. How old are you ?

    76 (in 3 weeks).
  4. Unknown clay/stone(?) bottles

    Whatever they are, they are very cool finds! Great display items. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  5. Hello from South Carolina

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon and back to the hobby! Good luck on your future hunts!
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Strange key

    Not a sardine can key. It has to have a slot in it to hook the end of the lid to roll it up on. I ate too many sardines out of those old cans! :laughing7:
  7. Two 1904s on same day.

    Congratulations on the two 1904 silvers! Outstanding finds! Thanks for posting.
  8. Today's finds and yesterday

    Enjoyed your story of the experience with the little guy. Nice finds, too! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Utah scenery

    Great pictures, Rginn! Beautiful country. Wife and I and friends took a motorcycle trip through that country a few years ago!
  10. Early 1800's Coins Everywhere !

    Great finds! Congratulations! Keep your eyes peeled for other great spots like that. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Advice

    Seek permission to detect private property. I don't know about the laws on detecting public land in Georgia, but there a lot of people on here from Georgia. Maybe some of them will chime in. Good Luck!
  12. Rock carving

    Interesting find... whatever it actually is! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  13. Got Out to Another Fort Site Today

    Great finds! The button is very cool! Congratulations! Thanks for posting and sharing with us.
  14. This weekends finds

    You recovered a variety of very interesting finds! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing!
  15. Las Vegas Treasure?

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon! This is a great forum with lots of information and knowledge!
  16. NE Oregon new member

    Welcome to the forum! I'm in La Grande, too! PM me and maybe we can talk!
  17. Hello everyone im Peter from upstate new york

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon!
  18. Hello From The Bitterroot Valley Montana

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon! I spent the summer of 1965 and Spring of 1966 in the Kalispell area... until I got drafted in My of '66!
  19. Thanks for having me!

    Welcome to the forum from Oregon! Been to the area and visited the graves you have mentioned. Beautiful area!