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  1. Season 9

    Rick and Vanessa run off with some money pit drilling project cash and get hitched. They find the Lost City of Gold while honeymooning in the Black hills. Season 9 is the final season
  2. Season 9

    An ox shoe ? Could it be ? A trail to the money pit ?. 😆
  3. New Beale story

    Justintime where are you ? Update needed.
  4. Season 9

    I find it interesting and amusing at times. I think that a sacrifice needs made to end the curse. Maybe the annoying expert detectorist covered in Bobby dazzlers ???
  5. We need your help in the Keys to fight NOAA, it's more than treasure.

    When you started blaming political parties. You showed ignorance. Blanket blaming. Typical uneducated move
  6. THE IRON BOX: Now its mentioned, now its not

    Justintime mentioned an iron box.
  7. Stolen gold bar from Fisher museum

    Picked that bar up a few times in the 90's. They could have used something to disengage the panels where they are joined. Or something that expanded from the Inside ? My have been a simple scientific feat..
  8. Oak Island, what would you do?

    Get more metal detectors... how stupid. One expert that only digs what he thinks is good. Anything could be a lead.. Expert. lol
  9. Season 5

    How many people does it take to operate one metal detector ? Here's an idea. Buy a few more. It won't be long before you have more "experts"
  10. Season 5

    Only one guy with a metal detector.....

    Intel labels do not obscure incorrectness. I have family in the intel field. They will certainly convey this as well. Many will seek or find only what they want to.
  12. Season 4

    Could it be ? Fido's lost bone ? Hidden so securely that it would be impossible for him or any other canine to recover it ? Did Marty and the boys waste their time looking at Rocks when Fido only marked trees and fire hydrants ? What metal object could they have found ? Fido's missing license...
  13. Hemi-Powered, Dragster Unearthed After 50 Years

    Growing up in the 70's , I got to see and ride in a few. A neighborhood friend Bought,sold,restored and raced Mopars. Everything. One in Particular was a factory Hemi Race Dart. Came from the factory in primer. Battery mounted in the trunk,plexiglass pull up windows,ect. In my mid teen years...
  14. New Beale story

    Freakin Awesome... Way to go JT !
  15. Raise your hand if you have found the Lost Dutchman Mine.

    White people don't want the pipeline.. It's ok. They'll move it. The Indians don't want it.. we are going to force it on you. I guess if you are of Indian heritage or helping to protect their drinking water ,those things are worthy of arrest. However, if you are white. You can do the same and...
  16. Another season this a joke?

    Will Rick and Marty drain the swamp ? Will Rick and Marty get bit by mosquito's ? Will they contract a virus ? Can they finally determine where the coconut fiber came from ? Will this prove the presence of the knights templars ? Do the checks from tourism pay for their drilling ? Is the hatch...
  17. Batten down the hatches, SADS.

    Nice !!! or this one...
  18. Batten down the hatches, SADS.

    Stay safe SADS :headbang:

    That is awesome Reb. I am here because this story of treasure intrigued me. I am no proffesional on the subject by any means. There are so many individuals here with so much knowledge. When they work together. It is amazing. When they are demeaning and rude. Well. Not so great. I am open to all...