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  1. DIY underwater drone ready to launch. 300 foot tether, 3 cams, suction dredge, clamshell pickup, 50 lb. magnet

    This is a picture of the underwater drone. Just copy and paste if you don't want to click...
  2. Maravillas still lost??

    I just read Vol. 2 ofThe Best of MArx and was wondering if the rest of the Maravillas was ever located Couldn't find anything on TN either. Im sure the Golden Madonna is on bedrock by now.
  3. Benedict Arnold gold lost on Dead River

    Is this a subject never covered on TN? A chest of gold coins was rafter down the gold river by Arnold and lost in the rapids. Does anyone have more info or am zi the first to post about this? Even though.Im in CA, Im curios.
  4. Why not use those trained dolphins?

    I wentv to the Point Loma Naval Base and asked the desk jockey what happens to trained dolphins when they retire. Basically, they keep them until they die of natural causes, which may be for years. They are well cared for and probably would not survive in the wild if freed. But my real...
  5. Blind Frog Ranch

    Possible Aztec gold on Discovery channel Friday noght. No thread yet!
  6. Blind Frog Ranch

    I cant believe that there is no thread on the Blind Frog Ranch story now on Discover! Possible Aztec gold in a flooded cave.
  7. A new topic suggestion

    I am going to visit FL soon and I would like feedback on interesting places to visit, museums, galleries, etc. I could not find a related forum on TN so I suggest you start one that would cover all locations subject to user demand. For instance, San Diego has lots of good beaches and I would...
  8. Free books available.

    DOes TH have a mechanism for distributing books to other members. I have no need to save the ones I have and no interested relatives. They would probably collect dust in a library but would be of interest to TNers. If interested I can post a list of titles. Bob
  9. Jean Harlow autographed photo

    Found this in an old scrapbook left by my father, "Jimmy". Dates from the 1930s.
  10. Yosemite Vacation

    I'm going to Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite in Jan. for a few days. Can anyone recommend any out-of-the-way spots of interest within 1-2 hours drive that are not well known tourist havens? Antique shops, ghost towns, old general stores, good food, etc. Thanks in advance, Bob (in San Diego)
  11. The latest issue of Lost Treasure magazine has some really good articles.... Enjoy!
  12. Found gold in my backyard today.....

    ....anybody got a good recipe?
  13. Archies and MDers getting together in CT

    I didn't know where to put this but I'm sure somebody does? I'd be nice if the rest of the world took notice.
  14. Florida treasure auction today and tomorrow

    Is any one aware of this?? I would go but it's a long walk.
  15. Galveston Galleon

    I could not find a thread on this wreck found off of Galveston. Watch U.S. | AT&T U-verse Have they identified it?
  16. Lets look for the Pegleg!

    Let's look for the Pegleg! SoCal guys, I have come up with what I think is a great idea for looking for surface gold of the Pegleg kind. I am willing to discuss my thoughts here, but I need to know if there is any interest. There is NO INVESTMENT needed, just some advice and perhaps some...
  17. Conspiracy Hawks needed....Odyssey vs. The Clinton Foundation

    I don't know about all of you guys, and I hate to interject something that may push political buttons, but I am very disturbed by the lack of attention being paid to the Clinton Foundation shenanigans. I just finished reading an article (Clinton foundation's Sweden fundraising arm cashed in as...
  18. Is this what US treasure hunters can expect....jail time?

    Nebra Sky Disk Is Oldest Depiction Of Universe - Business Insider If it weren't for the greed and arrogance of the archies, this would never have happened. Shame on all of them.
  19. Maravillas 2 escudo available...

    For anyone interested, I am selling my Maravillas 2 escudo on Ebay. Hope this is OK to post here... 2 Escudo cob from the Maravillas, very rare, wCOA from Mel Fisher - 121440678348