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  1. snorkle mask
  2. Snorkle mask
  3. Bonanza :coffee2:
  4. Pittsburgh CL

    WOW 6000 Silver Coins at spot price
  5. Hit the beach last week

    Took my wife for a much needed getaway. Santa brought her an AT PRo. So we hit Vero beach and over to Naples. Naples proving to be better. $9.99 in clad, 10 and 20 Euro coin, Two pieces of jewelry marked 925. A necklace pendant and part of a bracelet. ( but was told the rocks are fake) A...
  6. DYI hand scoop

    Just made two sand scoops for $3.17 each. Plus a lil work. A marker,drill bit and a rasp is all I needed. As well as 2 of these. A lil project, on a boring cold day. 3 Quart Feed Scoop - Tractor Supply Co.
  7. Vintage breathing apparatus

    Found this searching the net. Thought I'd share.
  8. Beep beep beep

    Found this pic of me from a few years back. lol.
  9. What ?

  10. Beach Mding

    Hey all, I'm thinking of taking my wife to out to do some beach detecting in a couple weeks. Where would you head to on the east coast ? Warmer weather would be a plus. Anybody have a good feeling about an area ? I'm in an arm cast, so i guess i'll be digging. haha :coffee2:
  11. Different type of treasure found

    Ignore. it was already posted. :coffee2:
  12. Owie

    Well, there was no detecting for me this year. March 30th, I fell through the roof of my hunting camp while beginning to tear it down. For obvious reasons. Injuring my left wrist,shoulder,hip, my back and right hand. It's truly been a long road.Xrays,Mri's,scope,injections,physical therapy and...
  13. Your thoughts ?

    I know this area very well. It is very close to my camp in NE Pa. Forest county,Pa This land is in the Allegheny National Forest. While doing a google earth fly over, I noticed this.. real defined. What do you think ?,-79.0954647,535m/data=!3m1!1e3
  14. Oh where, Oh where has Justintime gone ? Oh where , Oh where is he ?

    Where you at Justintime ? Missing your input and your adventure. :icon_thumright:
  15. Check out this penny

    my friend just found this in a parking lot. Worth anything ?
  16. Time efficent hunts

    So.. Last eve I went to a new place to hunt. I was there an hour and only covered about 400sq ft. Found 10 quarters,7 dimes and 6 pennies. Today, it was sprinkiling. I thought what the heck ! I no sooner touched the ground. A penny, a dime and then....49 pennies in a dump ! I maybe went 15ft...
  17. Tionesta

    No treasure. But a cool find. America Unearthed S1 E8 Chamber Hunting - YouTube
  18. coin HELP !

    Found a badly corroded coin. It has a bad green corrosion to it. I put it in distilled water. With a magnifying glass I see a couple small stars around the edge. Identity and cleaning help needed ! And appreciated of course !
  19. First outing of 2013

    Got out in the great weather today. The W.Pa ground is not frozen or cold in the least. Spent 1 1/2 hrs in the yard today. Found 4 regular, 9 wheat pennies. To include a 1913 & 1915. A small metal gun. And Silver : ) A 1944 quarter ! A good way to start out the year. :thumbsup:
  20. Local history

    Every winter. I seem to be driven by the local history of Western Pa. Obtaining books and information on it and divulging myself into another time. Whether it be the wilderness that once was or the likes of the lumber,oil and coal industry's. Towns that once were, rails that once ran, rivers...