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  1. My Summer totals

    All in the water, did´nt do any dry or wet sand. From ankle to over the head deep. Thanks!!
  2. My Summer totals

    It was a great summer, 14 outings of about 3 to 4 hours, always early morning. I love my excels, the blues 800 and 1000. This is my biggest year, 206€, 1st platinum ring, gold and silver, more than any other time before... its going to be hard to beat. On the pic the right its all silver, and...
  3. New Scuba Spot...... ITS COINS FOR SURE!!!!

    I can read Carolus on the one pic with the dropped coin, so SPANISH SILVER!!! Congratulations!!
  4. Roman Metal Working Site - Day 2...

    Cru, GREAT day! Don't you think the horse could have been enamel led? Best of luck to you guys!
  5. September- 14 - 2013 ....

    Great hunt! I like the nice ardites!
  6. My summer totals

    I have tried all kinds of beaches, some with better results... I don't like magaluf or palmanova, always machines working them... I talked to a older hunter last year, and he told me before the crisis the beaches where full of gold... Yes, some of those Brits have been hunting there for so...
  7. My summer totals

    Yeah, I keep finding east European coins too... I don't know, the excal would pic up cons, or gold, only the copper covered 5 cent coin...missing all the rest. But in PP, it was doing really well, and mostly very smoothly
  8. My summer totals

    Hunted in Mallorca coves for about 10 days, I was there the whole month but had trouble with the excal because I hit the coil against a street lamp. Somehow after several days drying and giving bad result when air testing, tried it in the water in PP and it worked just fine...go figure. Well got...
  9. 🥇 BANNER The One We Have Waited For, Privy Heaven!!!!

    I always read you entire stories, they are too much fun, and very well written! Congrats on an outstanding dig. Do you sell you finds? Cheers
  10. New Roman Site - Day 2...

    Really nice hunt, pity the broken denarius! Just like we said, silverware on the way!!! I love to be right!
  11. Low lake gives up some goodies!!!

    I would love to see pics of the lake!!
  12. Making Choices...

    The AS is in really good shape!! congrats
  13. New Roman Site - Confirmed!

    got late to this post, but it looks like a great site, the silver denari its about to appear...maybe something better! congrats on finding another, yet, great site! im just looking forward to see your next banner, and I think its on its way!!
  14. Recent recoveries off the North Douglas Beach trail

    This is truly what dreams are made of!!! congratulations, please keep the pics coming!
  15. VIKING - GRID ON!!!

    Amazing day! Huge congrats!
  16. Neron Roman coin, medieval Hammered ,Gold ring and more ...

    Well very busy couple of days!! I´m so jealous, those roman coins are very good, i like to wife of Gallienus, nice coin. And then gold, silver, medieval...too jealous!! I will star my water hunting in 8 days, cant wait. Congratulations!!
  17. New Coastal Area Gives Up Some Goodies

    What a great day!!! I really love the silver coin, but my favourite is the napkin ring, its beautiful! congratulations
  18. Scrapping the barrel...

    Like Hispan said, better digging than working!! congrats
  19. July 13 of 2013 ..... secluded cereal field in the vineyards .

    I mean by the sigilata that a roman site must be nearby, so maybe a great field next door!!
  20. Fake roman coin field, visit 2

    Thanks Hispan! I mean that it's a fake roman coin, minted in roman times, so in my opinion double good!!