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  1. Attacked and chased out of the woods. This happen to anyone else ever?????

    Stepped on three underground nests last year all within a few weeks span in September, not fun. First time I got stung three times and ended up losing my glasses. The other two times I did not get stung but my buddy did. Stinks that they attacked you but at least you found some stuff.
  2. Broke my copperless streak, Awesome day cellar hunting!!

    Well, yesterday for the very time since the 30th of June I did NOT come home copper less. I guess I'll tell the story first. Normally on Mondays during the Summertime I work with my dad (he's a land surveyor) but yesterday he had a doctors appointment so I called up my buddy Sam and asked if he...
  3. First post in a while- Complete shoe buckles, colonial relics.

    It has been a while since I last posted on here. I had a pretty rough July detecting wise. Most of the sites I went to were absolutely pounded, the bugs were vicious and the temperatures have been brutal. Still I did score a nice early US Naval Cuff Button but other than that I did not get much...
  4. ~Cellar Hole Scouting Knightmare has a Happy Ending~

    Nice finds Blaze. You never know what you can find in old fields
  5. US Militia Shako "scale" straps, beautiful KG2, fatty indian, relics

    I had a nice week of detecting. I got out with one of my buddies, Sam on Thursday and we hit a few colonial cellar holes I had lined up. I scored a beautiful King George II Halfpenny, the best one I have found condition wise, unfortunately the date is unreadable due to the coin being holed...
  6. Steatite Effigy Bear pipe

    Awesome find Isaac, that's a unique piece, once again you have yourself a very hard to find relic!!
  7. 🥇 BANNER Find of a lifetime! Charleston Slave Tag

    WOW, that's all I can say.
  8. Incredible Weekend with OutdoorAdv....1653 Copper, War of 1812 Buttons, Shoe Buckle,

    Great finds. Looks like I was not the only one to find a 1600's Spanish copper this past week. Love the rat tail spoon ,you so rarely seen them come out complete. Overall great hunt!
  9. 1600s maravedis copper (my oldest coin), two other coppers + relics

    1600's maravedis copper (my oldest coin), two other coppers + relics I was in California for the past week (fun time) so I was not able to do any detecting. I got back Thursday evening and knew the first thing I was gonna do on Friday was head out into the woods and hit a few cellar holes. I...
  10. New Cellar Hole

    Awesome shoe buckle! Any cellar that produces one is a winner in my books, hunted out or not. As for wells, I think the reason why you probably haven't had much luck around them is simply because they are a popular place to search if other detectorists have been there. If they haven't, there...
  11. Stumbled on a Long Gone Colonial Site this Weekend!

    Awesome finds you have there. You got lucky having there being a much older home on the same site as the more modern home. Hope the place keeps on producing!
  12. 1789 "Long Live the King" Button found at a colonial cellar hole

    Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I am wondering how best to preserve this button though. It has been sitting in a plastic bag since I found it. I do not want it to flake as that will remove most of the detail from the patina
  13. 1789 "Long Live the King" Button found at a colonial cellar hole

    There is a lot of conflicting information out there. Some say it was made to celebrate King George III, others say it was made to for George Washington, and even others say it was made by loyalists who wanted Prince Charles to become King of the United States. Either way its a rare button...
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