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  1. Help out a small business please - get some holiday gifts

    Hello fellow treasure hunters, Please find your Christmas, birthday, and New Year's gifts at our two sites. We are a small business, and appreciate very much the support. We ship fast, we are online, we have minerals, fossils, rockhound artwork, pottery, and artwork. For minerals and fossils...
  2. Selling some metal detector finds!

    My antiques and art shop is now selling some finds I acquired from metal detector club members and friends over the years. I also posted some fossils and minerals from acquisitions over the years and from estates. Please take a look at my shop, and please keep me in mind if you are ever looking...
  3. New "Treasures!" Fine minerals, crystals, great unique gifts!
  4. Moving from Georgia to New York City! Looking for minerals, or other treasures?

    Hello, Moving from Georgia to New York City next week. I will still be coming back to Georgia, and have a few places I plan to detect in the future. Maybe I will find that Cherokee or Spaniard gold one day! As I am moving, if there is anyone interested in buying minerals, or artwork or antiques...
  5. If your treasure is an undervalued work of art or rare collectible, take a look pls.

    Here is our other business, in addition to fine minerals, we sell works of art, sculpture, folk art, and collectibles. Find a treasure, find a gift! Please share with any art or antiques collector, or someone who buys unique pieces for interior design...
  6. Our supply of this fine agate and quartz is nearing the end.

    If you or someone you know is interested in rock tumbling, cabochon, or making jewelry, this is the finest, and most affordable rough material out there. Please take a look.
  7. Must be a gold panner here interested in this fine piece of gold panning nostalgia

    This fine vintage piece is ideal for someone who loves gold panning. Can not believe no one has grabbed this one of a kind! Please take a look!
  8. If you have lapidary, cabochon, mineral friends-we'd be grateful if you shared us

    Lapidary, rock tumbling and cabochon folks have been buying this great agate we mined this summer. Please take a look and share with anyone who works with minerals and stones.
  9. Rockhounding and mining with power tools - jackpot Herkimer Diamond discoveries

    In upstate New York, same site, with 2 mini jack-hammers.
  10. 💵 FOR SALE Fine display minerals and rough minerals for cabochon, tumbling, lapidary

    Hello! Considerations for fine minerals - Thank you! Now for rough minerals for lapidary...
  11. Very cool vintage gold panning trophy - great gift for a gold panner!

    This is for sale on Ruby Lane, which is where American Geode sells finer minerals, antiques, and artwork.
  12. Fine rough minerals for cabochon, rock tumbling, and jewelry artisans

    For lapidary, rock tumbling, cabochon, or artisan jewelry makers, please share our marketplace of very affordable and fine agate, quartrz, kyanite, and other minerals that we have discovered and mined:
  13. Thank you TreasureNet from American Geode

    We have enjoyed very much this forum, and while we have not made any metal detecting discoveries worthy of posting here, or informing National Geographic, we remain hot in rockhounding and mining. We post our stories, blogs, tips, tricks, and locations at, and we sell over eBay...
  14. Interested in hearing metal detector brand/versions successfully used North GA.

    Hello, Seeking insight and advice please from others in North Georgia. I have the Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 and even at the highest discrimination, all the rocks here in the Cleveland/Dahlonega/Helen set it off. I am in the gold belt, but hunting a 19th c. logging road, and homestead sites. Even...
  15. About 6" underground along a 1903 wagon or logging road in N. Georgia's gold belt

    About 6" underground along a 1903 wagon or logging road in N. Georgia's gold belt In the spirit of dig every signal, I have found buckets of rocks (appreciate any further tips and tricks on avoiding rocks), but I also over the course of 3 visits found this various rusted equipment. Farming...
  16. Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 not Discriminating - it is like a hot rocks detector

    Hello, Even in Notch with Disc all the way clockwise, it picks up these North Georgia rocks. I am in the gold belt, some lots of quarts, mica, but I can not get it to stop paying attention to hot rocks. Is that just something related to being in the goldbelt here? Is this the wrong detector for...
  17. American Geode - Herkimer diamonds, gold panning, exploring

    American Geode - Herkimer
  18. Are these markings on this tree, that is along the side of an 1800s wagon trail?

    Thank you for any insight and advice. This is in North Georgia, along a wagon trail that is on late 19th century maps to about 1905.
  19. High and low beeps, same area, seems to be metallic rocks. Appreciate advice please.

    Hello, Hunting old logging roads here in North Georgia, and mostly I get a read, and it is a high beep in the silver range, and also a low beep. I dig, and it's almost always rocks. I am in North Georgia, near the Blue Ridge Mts., so plenty of metallic rocks. Does this make sense though? Am I...
  20. Is there a strap or a harness or something to help carry your detector while hiking?

    I went out this past weekend with my detector, and pretty much wherever I go, I will be surrounded by low trees and shrubs as I am in the North Georgia mountains. Is there a strap, something you can wear, that is fit for you to carry your detector on your back, or along your side? I could...