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  1. Anyone watching the new Duck Dynasty crew treasure hunting series?

    I gotta admit... I'm a bit more than curious!
  2. Known location of a US PENNY hoard

    Just noticed that as well... hmmmm....
  3. Known location of a US PENNY hoard

    Hahah! Yea, I get it... but I'd be more than happy to dig these up if half of them are copper, and maybe a few wheats and other unknowns in there. Like I said, he didn't discriminate... if it was a penny, he wasn't keeping it.
  4. Known location of a US PENNY hoard

    I could potentially get a ruling in my favor since I personally know and have seen them there. (There is caselaw on this that I researched several years ago when I considered my grandparents property as my grandfather was known to bury money, but no one in the family had personal knowledge of...
  5. Known location of a US PENNY hoard

    Back around 2006 or so, an acquaintance of mine had informed me he had buried several thousand pennies in this backyard, simply because he hated them. He saved them in some sort of large container and then just dumped them in a hole in the backyard. His house was built in the 40's and knowing...
  6. Actually find from yesterday 05/28/2022 - Northern Kentucky - porcelain plate backmark help!

    Found yesterday (along with MANY other broken plate parts). I've researched Albert Pick Co, but can't seem to find a list or anything on how to date via the marks on the back. This one is pretty clear. Anyone got some help? Thanks for looking! (The site is a demolished nightclub that dates back...
  7. Northern Kentucky Club? New Guy to Detecting

    I'm located in Kenton County... you wouldn't happen to be the guy I saw detecting at the old Fox Run Golf Course this past weekend would you? Always good to have a buddy to tag along with. Let me know!
  8. Civil War era acorn pin - kepi pin perhaps

    So, General Buell was, to my knowledge, in command of the union troops in Kentucky. I believe that ties it together here. I'm far from an expert though!!! Thank you!
  9. Civil War era acorn pin - kepi pin perhaps

    I do believe I saved a civil war era acorn kepi pin today. Nokta Makro Simplex+. Kentucky. Thanks for looking!
  10. My first Indian head penny and boy is she a beauty..

    She's a beauty! Congrats!
  11. Random collection of relics - and one coin - from a new permission

    You're ring with 3 protrusions look to me to be from a set of brass knuckles. Like one broke off the set.
  12. 50 year old golf course opened up as new county park!

    All these responses have me fired up! I don't think there will be 'much' silver there... the course didn't open until around 1970... but there is certainly potential for a lot of coins, as well as some lost jewelry. To my knowledge, it's not been detected. I guess I'll find out tonight! I'll be...
  13. 50 year old golf course opened up as new county park!

    That's the stuff I want to hear! Thanks!!! I'll be keeping ya posted!
  14. 50 year old golf course opened up as new county park!

    Excited to be heading literally a mile up the road to a 50 year old golf course that had closed down a few years ago, and now reopened as a general use park. No regulations against metal detecting! Research reveals a farm on this property dating back to at least the mid 40's, and I've also...
  15. OMFG did I just find another Civil War ID TAG??

    Very cool find whatever it turns out to be. Just a thought here... U S R of... could the of actually NOT be the word of, but possibly be the beginning of an abbreviation for "office" or "officer"??? Maybe another part to go down in researching.
  16. A first for me -- what's your experience?

    I think the easiest answer would be that due to the size of them, they were easy to find if dropped, and less likely to be lost. I've found a few (all clad ones), but they certainly are few and far between!