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  1. The Mahoney Mine

    I have a few videos on our YouTube page of the type of gold we are getting. It is very fine 50-100 mesh. I think once we get in to the bottom of the original stopes we should find some wider veins in the andesite base that may produce larger ore at better values.
  2. "Boulder blaster" commercial or self made.

    Let us know the outcome please!
  3. We finally opened the portal.

    We have found access to railroad ties at a decent cost. By being picky we can get good thick timbering, already soaked in creosote and perfect for the task. The challenge is that we are on the back side of Mt. Davidson and half way up a mountain. Our road that was put in 100 years ago has...
  4. "Boulder blaster" commercial or self made.

    What about Sierra Blaster?
  5. The Mahoney Mine

    Yes, the mine has a bunch of wild history attached to it. Some statements made by one of the first owners (and we have it in writing) claimed they were averaging between 1/2 oz and 3 oz per ton. We have been getting 1/2 oz averages pretty consistently. Now we are seeking that 3oz stuff!
  6. We finally opened the portal.

    After six+ months of exploration and sampling we put together all the clues and excavated the face 20' down and began jack-hammering in. Now remember, we are just a little mom and pop operation. Well, we were indeed on target and about eight or so feet in the hammer bit hit a void. We found...
  7. Two more members....

    No. I can't imagine the liability involved. We just work it as best we can.
  8. The Mahoney Mine

    We just joined the forums and look forward to the discussions. We also have a few claims near Virginia City, Nevada. They are not far from our house where we have a small plant set up. Old school hard rock mining. We play in the dirt on the weekends and bring the ore home in 50lb ore sacks...
  9. Two more members....

    We are Douglas and Tonya, proud hard-rock gold and silver mine owners. We would not ever consider ourselves pro's as there is always someone with a process that is new and better. One of the appeals to prospecting and mining is that an individual can never know it all. Especially when you are...