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  1. GS Pin

    Dug this up this morning. If someone can offer any details, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Graphic

    A friend made this graphic for me. Hopefully to be used on business cards to hand out for potential permissions. It originally was a coffee roasting graphic (Down Home Roasters), but I thought the same graphic, changed just a bit, worked real nice.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any thoughts

    Found this object. It's obviously broken off something, but it has some markings. Any thoughts?
  4. Deus I or II

    If you had the choice, which one would you purchase?
  5. Help Identify

    I was about to throw this little piece away until I looked a bit closer. Any ideas what this might be from?
  6. Bullets and a Button

    Found these today.
  7. Help Identify: Coin?

    On the right is a trime, on the left is, I don't know what. I am convinced (although my mind could be changed) it is not a button. Depends on which way I turn the coin, I see many things; things that it certainly is not. Any thoughts?
  8. Old House Site Finds

    A piece of an old saw and a sign from an early 1900's stove.
  9. My first Crotal Bell

    Cleaned it, but there is some rust on it so I don't think it will ding again, even though it is whole.
  10. Artillery Pin

    Pulled this pin out this morning. I believe they are Cannons. I'm not really sure what the O S stands for.
  11. Union Train Button

    I found this button today. I believe it says union at the top and a train in the middle.
  12. Buttons, lead, SILVER

    These are my find from this morning. Can anyone identify the silver? I'm assuming it is Spanish; either way, whatever it is, it's a first.
  13. Another Virginia Button and Lead

    Anyone know what the item on the left is? It is lead. I figure someone made a two hole button out of a piece of lead. You can see the number 2 on the piece.
  14. 3-Cent Piece (Trime)

    It is a first for me. On the field, when I noticed the hole, I thought it might be something nice. Certainly didn't expect it to be a Trime.
  15. Virginia Button

    Pulled this very nice button out of the woods today.
  16. 1941 Golf Tournament Token

    Found this today: 1941 The British War Relief Society Inc National Golf Tournament Token
  17. Cufflink with Face

    I'm assuming this is a cufflink. If you know better, let me know. I believe it's silver plated. Dug late this morning.
  18. CW Military Button

    Pulled this button out of the woods today. I had to work for it (many thorn in those woods).
  19. A Pin

    Found this today, I'm assuming it's not much (although any find like this, especially where I found it, is cool). Does anyone know what date this piece might be? It about one and a half inches long. The stone is black and shiny.
  20. Button and "Pin"

    Found today. I wonder if the object on the left is some kind of pin (CW era).