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  1. Just scenarios on prospecting day

    Just a great day What do you think?
  2. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    Which is your favorite one? Any gold coin? Most antique? Rare?
  3. Four hours discovering the history in Chihuahua…and pum 💥 watch our findings

    Yesterday, from 11 AM to 3 PM in the middle of nothing, starting saying hello to a snake and later on all these finding. After these findings, we were celebrating with delicious food and drinks …friends are a real treasure. Want to see more??
  4. What are these objects?

    Any clue on these objects? Thank you
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Someone have any clue on this object?

    Thank you for your Help on this
  6. Are there findings converted in pieces of art? YES, here are mines.

    Fish is done, the other is still on the way. All little pieces were recovered during metal detecting days. All this little pieces for sure have more than 50 years All these little Pieces were used exactly in the shape were fund . Well, they are just my art Do you have some “art” to show...
  7. What do you think about this Cooper coin?

    Hope you all enjoy this Beauty old coin. I found around an old Church which was built since que more than 200 year ago, located now in the middle of nothing.
  8. 102 F, Very old findings (1855-1904), Beers again, tons of water , GOOd Hunting day

    Pedometer showed we walked around 6.5 miles during the day. 102 F degree. Beers are always welcomed. Someone wants to live the experience? What is the year of your oldest finding?
  9. Friends, beers, desert,OLD COINS!! How many years in this hobby?

    Why do you love Detecting? How Many years in this hobby? Enjoy this a lot!!!
  10. Lucky day for my new friend

    He really enjoy the metal Detecting hobby, I met him in the day he dug and fund a gold ring. He si simply amaizing
  11. Invaluable, it produce enormus peace

    First time my brother working his Nox 800, we were exploring some areas of the place where I was fund a coin with more than 250 years. This time this beautiful piece caught me. Has a precious stone on it. Can you see it? How old is it? Make your guess
  12. Findings in a very desertic area. Silver coins included

    This time my friends win the day catching silver coins, and I was the lucky team memeber in this journey. Why lucky? Because the rule is clear, those whom find a silver coin invite a six pack of cold beer. A golden rule when detecting on desertic area. Have all a nice detecting weekend...
  13. A coin, and a Real Ram

    Enjoying the MD hobbie Good Luck everyone. 😎
  14. Some beutty coins?

    Full day prospecting with friends, we get several coins, not bad hunting coins day. Not much people were in that area recently. Close to Valerio Cortes del Rey. 😎👍🏽
  15. Its not gold, but looks like. Very old ring.

    One of those days that I come back happy with findings, A really nice O ring. 😎
  16. 1855 Chihuahua State Coins

    Coins minted 1855 in Chihuahua State, There are just few like that, I hope you all liked, thank you for Watch this post. I will be in Bethlehem PA area, if someone could drive me to hunt old coins, Any contact? Any advice ?
  17. Valid for a Cup of Cognac.

    Very nice token, fund in same area where others coins were fund, coins were minted around 1865 and others early 1900s
  18. 1822 Spanish Coin minted by New Vizcaya

    Hope you all enjoy this Beauty old coin. I found around and old church built more than 200 year ago, located now in the middle of nothing.
  19. Silver coin 1809, lucky day

    Just sharing this coin I fund in old farm from spanish colony in Chihuahua Mexico. I’m pretty sure could be more old coins around that farm.
  20. Does anybody knows if permited prospecting in Bethlehem PA area

    Does anybody knows if there any law that prohibed prospecting in Bethlehem? Any área around Bethlehem recomended for use MD? Any advice? I will be around and I would like to spend some time hunting relics/ old coins I’m ready for gift this coin haha