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  1. Why does the State of Florida employ people that are not honest

    Why does the State of Florida allow this Yes I am going to name them, First Mary Glowacki shame on you Tim Parsons and Ryan Duggan do not even know what a Diagnostic artifact is, honestly they should both have there degree taking from them for not telling the truth or just being plan...
  2. Hang numbers

    Dose anyone have hang numbers they would share sell Thanks
  3. Global Marine Exploration and France

    GME and France
  4. Can some one help me find this

    Florida state archeologist wins whistleblower status ... › eastern-panhandle › florida-... Jan 25, 2022 — Archeologist Mary Glowacki, who said she was fired in a dispute over the use of grant money, has won the first round in the fight.
  5. For another time

    For another time
  6. Florida Permit/Contract

    Has anyone ever had thier permit suspended for moving sand or artifacts when it was in the permit that they could remove diagnostic artifacts and move sand with Prop-wash defectors.? Key here is it was written in the permit/contract that it was allowed. Before 2009 or after? Thanks for the help
  7. Penny's

    I am new to this coin search, I have some knowledge of shipwreck coins Can someone tell me if I have any value here, I did enjoy looking at the coins great past time Any advise or help would be appreciated I cleaned up finds, so I reattached
  8. Past Problems with the State of Florida and their Archaeology staff and permitting

    Is it allowed to ask who have had problems with the State of Florida getting a Salvage permit or other permits or delays and problems? Is it possible to tell your story when, how, who, what, why, where and so on? Sorry if it is not allowed Thanks
  9. Yes archaeologist use this equipment but not Prop wash deflectors "really"

    Mary Glowacki at the State got madd when I asked her in front of the secretary of State why was it ok to use this equipment instead of a 2 inch tube like Light house use's and never finds anything "true story" Her answer was it was necessary do to a dredging operation that would have destroyed...
  10. 1715 Fleet Information

    Dose anyone have access to the prop wash map for the 1715 fleet, Dose anyone know the dates when the major discoveries were found off Florida, mid and North Florida, GA,SC, NC Thanks
  11. Miss Louise

    Does anyone have any info on the shipwreck Miss Louise ​off Cape Canaveral Area
  12. Remy map

    Anyone know of the map from Remy de Haenen ?
  13. Is Kyle Kennedy and SFRX in a Conspiricy with the State of Florida ?

    Did kyle pay the way for John De-bry to go to France for Florida to meet with France behind GME's back without consulting with GME ? Was Tim Parsons part of this plan ? Did the secretary of State sanction this conspiracy ? Was Chuck Meade involved ? Lets look at just some of the docs on this...
  14. News Letter GME

    Hi Everyone Here is GME's news letter As you may know, GME has found where the Trinity wrecked and again it is not at Cape Canaveral it is 90 miles North and yes we have proof We are waiting bon the judge to follow the law and give us our day in court Enjoy
  15. You can not trust the State of Florida

    You Can NOT Trust the State OF Florida " Period" Originally Posted by Boatlode Appeals cost MONEY, a lot of it. And most of us don't have the money to fight. I tried posting on Boatload I am not very good at this I am asking all persons that have ever been turned down for a Permit form...
  16. Recovery Permit Form

    Any One ever seen this form before:
  17. Fox news find

    Shipwrecks Found Off Local Coast - Video | WOFL
  18. cape canaveral

    Global Marine Exploration Inc. Discovers Highly Important Shipwreck Artifacts in Waters of Cape Canaveral, Florida - EIN News
  19. Cape Canaveral

    Global Marine Exploration Inc. Discovers Highly Important Shipwreck Artifacts in Waters of Cape Canaveral, Florida - EIN News
  20. In Situ

    Not just my Opinion In situ may have its place but most of the time NOT