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    An Electric Wheelchair for Luke P. The Treasure Coast Archaeological Society is raising money to help fellow metal detectorist, Luke P., purchase a new electric wheelchair capable of navigating off road surfaces such as the beach. Luke is suffering from an unknown medical condition that is...
  2. Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Utah

    Just caught this new show. Real sketchy but a change of scenery from Oak Island.
  3. 🥇 BANNER Best find 1715 era brass navigational chart dividers

    Photo from J. Clausen paper on 1715 shipwreck.
  4. Help identifying Splash imprint

    Hello Everyone, found this on the Treasure Coast during the last erosion near the Turtle Trail survivor camp where the musket balls and lead shot was. Looks like a molten splash and not sure if lead or silver. Cleaned it with acid a little and this imprint came out. Like a shield with two...
  5. Think it's a fossilized horse tooth but what is on it?

    Thanks for looking. Found today on east coast Florida Beach. I have never seen the tan substance on it though. Looks almost like dental work.
  6. WWII iron object with brass core.

    Found at WWII training base. Has two rings with holes for a spanner wrench but no markings on it. Very heavy. About2-3” diameter. Thx
  7. Handle with pointer from the ocean

    this came from Florida East coast beach. Appears to have a larger handle on one end that is deteriorated. The metal sharp (pointer?) piece extends through the handle. All I can think of is fishing gear or for a nautical chart. Large end seems lightweight and hard, may not be metal. Thanks for...
  8. Minelab Equinox update 2.0
  9. Looks like bone, Florida treasure Beach

    Pretty light, porous like bone and could be worn or broken.
  10. Stamped letters LM - brass cap, button or shell casing?

    Found on a treasure coast beach. Does not stick to magnet, looks like oxidized brass. Clearly marked LM and X. 16th of an inch marks on a tape measure. Width about 9/16".
  11. Anyone replace stock Minelab headset earpads with gel?

    Wanted to try replacement gel earphone pads to reduce wind and surf noise at the beach. Minelab said they don’t know if it would be possible. ML 80 headphones Thx
  12. Trying to find out about names on Fort Pierce inlet map

    Saw this rough map of the inlet area. I know the map (link below) is just a representation although there are measured distances, some coincide with other locations for some of the wreck finds. But the two names I am interested in are what is referred to on the map as "Ashley Gordon gold find"...
  13. Ship hull sheathing or house flashing? GO!

    Found in treasure coast about 10 inches down after a couple days high surf. Rang up high and solid. Non magnetic non ferrous. Does have a slight greenish color in places. The round head seems to be a rivet.