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  1. 🙋 WANTED Minelab SD2100 or SD 2200 control boxes

    Looking for unmodified and very good condition Minelab 2100 or 2200. No need for shafts, coils or batteries, etc Shipping to Australia required. Thanks Tony
  2. ❎ SOLD Aquapulse accessories

    Metal Detector Parts For Aquapulse AQ1B. 1 Pair of Underwater Headphones (Never used) 1 Bonephone (Never used) 1 Worldwide charger Current retail prices are; Headphones $299 US Dollars Bonephone $170 US Dollars Charger $218 US Dollars As new condition. I would prefer to sell without...
  3. Aquapulse underwater headphones, bonephone and charger

    I have just listed these items in The Classifieds might get these for around half retail ! Thanks, Tony
  4. ❎ SOLD Aquapulse underwater headphones, bonephone and charger

    Hello Aquascan/Aquapulse users; I am selling; 1. An unused pair of underwater headphones for the AQ1B....these have never seen active duty (retail is $299) 2. Bonephone ...used once (retail is $170) 3. Universal charger (retail is $217) Everything presents as new condition. I would like to...
  5. Why I choose 90 degree scoop handles

    Just thought I'd share what I posted from another thread....might help those who are contemplating scoops. If you can try different angled scoop mounts then so much the better. Personal preference really...both my Stealthscoops have the 90 degreee tube mount. I tried the 20 degree angle...
  6. Barracuda PI...blast from the past (original website)

    I remember drooling over the Barracuda about 15 years ago......couldn't afford it at the time. The same goes for the Aquastar over at Surfscanner. Click here.... Anchor Electronics Happy reminiscing....Tony. Moderators....hopefully this is okay to post ?
  7. TheGoldenOlde....blast from the past ! (original website)

    Just seen it above as a sticky !
  8. CZ21 setup

    After some trial and error i think I have finally got my new CZ21 to where I want it. Because I chest mount, I needed to ensure any stress on coil cable and headphones was minimised or stopped altogether. Here is what I have done, starting from the coil and working up. Shaft and coil; Several...
  9. Aquapulse voltage

    Jason (or others) My new Aquapulse (compact) comes off the charger fully charged with a max voltage of about 11V. Does this seem about right as the user manual says it should be nearer 13V but maybe this is for the older 10 x AA packs. The newer packs are 8 cells which i know are 1.2V per cell...
  10. Fix your floating coil problem forever

    I have been reading about the floating coil problems for some of the White's UW detectors. This can be solved by using a rubber discus as a weight. They come in different sizes and weights and are perfectly streamlined (designed to fly through the air) for in water use. Holes or slots can be...
  11. My personal review of the BeachHunter 300 Tony, Perth