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  1. 🙋 WANTED Minelab SD2100 or SD 2200 control boxes

    Thanks to those that messaged me......located a nice 2100 ��
  2. 🙋 WANTED Minelab SD2100 or SD 2200 control boxes

    Looking for unmodified and very good condition Minelab 2100 or 2200. No need for shafts, coils or batteries, etc Shipping to Australia required. Thanks Tony
  3. TDI Beachhunter VS Garrett sea hunter

    Let’s hope the AQ will be realised.......and hopefully soon.
  4. TDI Beachhunter VS Garrett sea hunter

    A faint Sea Hunter signal will be an obvious TDIBH signal :icon_thumright:
  5. TDI Beachhunter VS Garrett sea hunter

    I used to run the Seahunter with the larger coil......nice detector but the TDIBH is in another league. A 12” deep target will be seen an extra 2” to 3” deeper with the TDIBH with the stock battery pack......and another couple inches deeper again running the 14.8v battery pack. This is my first...
  6. TDI BeachHunter vs Surfmaster Dual Field

    TDIBH about a 1” deeper than Deepstar.....Made detailed records when a Deepstar was available to me many years ago. TDIBH 2” to 3” deeper than Goldquest SS, Aquasearch. By deeper, I mean on typical ring or coin sized targets. My standard target over all these years is my 18K wedding ring. TDIBH...
  7. TDI BeachHunter vs Surfmaster Dual Field

    The total inaccuracy of the above statement by Terry Soloman is astounding......moderators should remove the above post for the benefit of newcomers and to maintain the integrity of this great forum. I have been using the TDIBH for just over one year and it is the deepest seeking detector...
  8. Whites TDI Beach Hunter.

    Point 4 above......I meant to say with GAIN at the 3 o’clock position (almost at MAX power)
  9. My battery box mod TDI Beach Hunter

    Yep, my run time is also 6 hours......which is a good workout when digging deep. Tony
  10. Going to Melbourne in July....Are the beaches worth hunting there?

    Melbourne, Australia? Or Florida, USA
  11. ❎ SOLD Aquapulse accessories

    Metal Detector Parts For Aquapulse AQ1B. 1 Pair of Underwater Headphones (Never used) 1 Bonephone (Never used) 1 Worldwide charger Current retail prices are; Headphones $299 US Dollars Bonephone $170 US Dollars Charger $218 US Dollars As new condition. I would prefer to sell without...
  12. My battery box mod TDI Beach Hunter

    Excellent work on the battery case......the extra couple of inches depth on coins and rings is worth it by the extra voltage.

    Significantly deeper than the TDI......very unlikely. The TDIBH at 14.4v trumps my GPX on the beach because of its (TDI) max sensitivity and no EMI coupled with the non-wavering threshold. The TDIBH is the deepest beach detector available and won't give up that title easily.:treasurechest: From...
  14. The Newest "Water" MD on the Block

    A bit off topic but I am loving the TDIBH.....for the first time ever, I have failed to retrieve a super deep target from the seafloor. The sides just kept caving in and I am very certain the target was a coin/ring sized judging from the very tight target signature.........coin, sinker or ring...
  15. The Newest "Water" MD on the Block

    25 feet depth rated is a good / minimum starting point for anyone interested in hunting the water.......

  17. I guess I just don't understand

    Are your rechargeable batteries rated at 9.6v......I used these some years ago and found them equal to the alkalines. Unfortunately, I got careless with the O-ring seal and salt water got in and destroyed the rechargeables. There's a lot to like with 40 hours run time on alkalines. Tony
  18. New TDI Beach Hunter Pic's

    It can be a great workout for sure.....I can recall a detecting session which lasted for 8 hours, non-stop digging in the water. I retrieved 168 targets including 5 gold rings. I left the water exhausted and was physically incapable of getting myself and my gear up a steep bank at the water's...
  19. Whites TDI Beach Hunter.

    Here's another tip......keep the Threshold really low. If it's noisy from wind and waves and you are having problems hearing then still keep the Threshold low but turn the Volume up. The TDIBH in GB OFF will let you hear those "ghost" changes in Threshold but not if the Threshold is turned up...
  20. New TDI Beach Hunter Pic's

    You can cancel your gym membership now ! Tony