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  1. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    The oldest I’ve found is my 1821 Spanish reale, but my favorite coins I have are my Alexander the Great
  2. ✅ SOLVED Unidentified stone solved

    Yesterday I posted an unidentified stone which I got several responses like left over salt lick and piece used in a kiln. Wasn’t salty when I took a lick test myself and man it sure looked close to a salt block but after checking out kiln molds, I’m gonna say it is much closer to being part of a...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unidentified stone

    A friend of mine from Kentucky found this stone near his barn sticking out of the mud, he gave it to me cause he knows I love digging history from the dirt. It seems to be made of sandstone and is about 2 in x 3in wide . It is smooth with grooves which are not same width. Has half circle which I...
  4. 🥇 BANNER Eighteen one troy ounce silver bars recovered underwater. Still doesn't feel real.

    I was wondering where I dropped those..🤣😂 Man what a cool find! Congratulations
  5. Identification help

    A friend of mine from work knows I like to do a little treasure seeking of just about anything from the ground, so he brought me in this piece that seems to be maybe sandstone, maybe a pound. He said he found it around his barn sticking out of the mud where he lives in Kentucky. It’s about 3...
  6. Help identify buckle

    I have several of these also dug out of a mid 1800’s property
  7. Help identify buckle

  8. The fairgrounds delivered again, 1869 Shield Nickel..

    Nice…Good details still 👍
  9. Beautiful button found on Cape Cod hayfield that dates back to the 1700’s. Can anyone help ID a date or origin? Thanks

    I seen a button somewhat similar but said it was a War of 1812 rifleman button. Have you ever used google lens, it helps me out sometimes. Just take a picture and google will pull up everything that comes close to matching the description. Good luck! Nice button 👍
  10. Yesterday finds at old Mid 1800’s sight

    I’ve hunted this place for many years on a family property in Dexter Indiana, it’s an old property that’s been down to the ground for many years. In the past I’ve pulled a couple large cents from the mid 1800’s , a seated liberty dime, couple Indians and my oldest coin the 1821 Spanish reale...
  11. 1853 GOLD $1

    Wow, Super nice! My days coming..
  12. Little backyard digging around!

    Dug in my backyard about 1ft-1ft1/2 Looks like a face with a bird head on top. Made of some kinda iron with a crusty clay outer layer. Measures around 4-5 inches. What do you think?
  13. Update on indigenous painted sand stone

    I had posted a while back about these chunks of sandstone I have in my backyard which is a lot and are all indigenous images which I have been trying to figure out a way for everyone to see what I see. I decided to use brown acrylic paint and toothpick to rub over the image. I hope if you look...
  14. Got the newest quarter in change today

    First time I’ve seen it, looks like George is gonna turn his head and say something 🤣😂!
  15. Confederate Soldier's Gold Ring???

    😮 wow, what a good day!
  16. Help with identifying if possible meteorites!

    Thank you for the info..sounds like you are very knowledgeable. I will look into the rocks mentioned.
  17. Help with identifying if possible meteorites!

    Thanks for information, is it common to have magnetism in some rocks. The first stone didn’t leave any streak on the back side of tile and has slight magnetic properties. It is also very tough stone. Any other ideas of what it could also be.
  18. Help with identifying if possible meteorites!

    Posted pictures before typing any info. I dug these from the yard. Both have magnetism not so much as the first pictured. The first one I did do a scratch test on ceramic which didn’t leave a streak. The odd colors are neat. The second one is just crusted looking but has more magnetism. It will...
  19. Painted rock art

    Are none of these indigenous, the bead is gold, the clay ball