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  1. Oak Island is closed until further notice - 2022

    Breaking news: The Laginas have uncovered the origin of the story The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. "Common human habitation" in this case are the tunnels built by the Morlocks. Those tunnels are actual 90 foot tunnels, based on their location below undisturbed earth.
  2. Oak Island is closed until further notice - 2022

    I imagine that they'd make an exception for the crew of Brinks trucks that would be needed to offload the contents of the Chappell Vault.
  3. Season 9

    I had expected Season 9 to be finished after the grand finale. But there was yet another Drilling Down episode tonight. It turned out to be mostly a recap episode. Jack Begley summed up the current situation as "We're getting close". The only question is can they drill / tunnel faster...
  4. Oak Island is closed until further notice - 2022

    An interesting development. Could be any of the above or something similar. The only thing certain is that it's NOT because a lack of tour customers; it would still easily get enough tourists to pay for the tour buses, docents, etc for at least another season.
  5. Season 9

    I found a surprise Digging Down episode from yesterday and have bad news: There's every likelihood of season 10! More info: If the muon tomography shows where the Chappell Vault is, they won't do a hammer grab - instead they'll hire a tunneling company who can deal with the soil and water...
  6. Season 9

    I finally got the courage to watch the drilling down episode. It wasn't as bad as I was fearing - it turned out not to be a recap of Portugal, but mainly about the Mason history on Oak Island. I don't necessarily buy it as treasure related but they did show some mildly interesting tales.
  7. Season 9

    In the season finale, they discover more ancient wood from "the tunnel" as they get ever closer to the money pit. For season 10, they enlist science to help, enlisting the company Ideon to survey detail around the money pit using cosmic-ray muon tomography. It will collect information over...
  8. Season 9

    The previews show Jack Begley very excited about something that came up in the hammer grab.
  9. Season 9

    It hasn't been proven that there is nothing in the money pit area, but even I'll admit that it's not worth spending more resources at the money pit on based on evidence. It does make a great visual display, and I'll bet they do something more in the money pit in season 10. It's amazing that...
  10. Season 9

    Except for uncovering more of the stone road, which the Portuguese Templars constructed to haul in the treasure.
  11. Season 9

    This week they continue the tour of the Portuguese Templar points of interest. They check out the "finger drain" aqueducts, identified by creepy alien hands with a long middle finger - not unlike the finger drains on Oak Island. And a 20th century "Initiation Well" that was constructed...
  12. Season 9

    This week we learned that the Portuguese Templars were the first arrivals on Oak Island, building the stone road in preparation for the later arrival of the Chappell Vault. Also they learned the meaning of the symbols on the "H-O" stone: The lines and dots between the H and O were an ancient...
  13. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    That was some kid's holster: they added some silver to go with the copper just because they could, as well as using a Rhodolite garnet (historically worn by the pharaohs) in place of the usual red plastic blob.
  14. Season 9

    This week they find another fragment of the Chappell Vault, and "just what we wanted" - wood. But it's special wood, very heavy. They also found some puddled clay. They got to the bottom of can #4 and found .... no gold. But look: they just missed the Chappell Vault. They're going to...
  15. Season 9

    The metal shield they found was placed at the bottom of the Hedden shaft to try to protect it from collapse. Since Hedden ran out of money, the treasure of course lies just below his last work. Now, on to the Chappell Vault. The question is: did their previous magnetometer tests in smaller...
  16. Season 9

    Tonight's show tied the Templars and Freemasons to the Ark of the Covenant being buried in the Chappell Vault. They have seemingly hit their mark for once in the the target of the can: they extracted the metal shield at the bottom of the Hedden shaft. The usual script would have them...
  17. Season 9

    Hey, I should send this into the show as a suggestion for Season 10: re-dig the hole under Nolan's Cross; surely he didn't dig down far enough.
  18. Season 9

    Oh, I just realized that the "Drilling Down" episode was actually a Matty Blake episode of "Diving Down" that recapped a wharf visit. At the end, Matty was officially inducted into the Fellowship of the Dig. And Rick admitted he was getting tired...
  19. Season 9

    Last year was a search for wharf ruins, this year was running the magnetometer and following up on those traces. The dive story was a bit mixed - on the one hand they see the magnetometer traces, but are prohibited from moving kelp or silt to expose a possible manmade object. Without proof of...
  20. Season 9

    Yes - hole #4's logic escapes me completely. Dig down along another shaft? It's almost amazing that they can find the gold flaked metal fragments of the Chappell Vault when drilling exploratory holes but come up almost completely empty when excavating a mega-shaft.