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  1. Paper Ships

  2. ~lightning bug~

  3. Rapala

    Rapala countdown Finland vintage, 2 1/4" x 1 " hello everyone, found this fishing lure. the hooks were missing , i added small beads , moonstone and few more plus chain.
  4. small glass and rock

    went out for an hour few small pieces here
  5. tiger lily

    hi, new tiger lily flower. found a small stone earlier in the week and made a seahorse .
  6. fordite
  7. small quartz

    found these little rocks today
  8. ~labradorite seahorse~

    hello everyone , this is an original labradorite seahorse crafted with wire and abalone shell beads 5"×3"
  9. eco-friendly makeover I like this idea.
  10. Kansas man finds ax /tree root handle
  11. wildflowers on tree stump

  12. torch lily flower

    good day to you I took this picture a moment ago
  13. sea glass and small rock

    hello, happy to find some new glass this year wrapped these two pieces in copper foil , n want to make something have a few ideas small rock about the size of a nickel thank you
  14. few rocks

    few rocks and shell for my collection. photo front and back
  15. river glass

    maybe can make something from a few of these river glass
  16. milk glass

    hi there, found this today. milk glass 1 1/2 in. n 1/2 in. tall also pieces of old pottery n blue white dish. good year to all.
  17. creek marble

    hi, found this marble in the creek few weeks ago.
  18. broken marble

    found a broken marble in the garden, tried to wire wrap it with a few beads.