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  1. New Beach Detector? Learn to Use Tide Charts

    OBN, thanks for passing the tip and link along. I can definitely see how knowing the wind direction can be helpful.
  2. New Beach Detector? Learn to Use Tide Charts

    Check the "apps" for your cell phone(s)... you can usually find a "tide app" that you can use anytime, directly from your cell phone. I like and use the "Tides Near Me" app on my iPhone.
  3. Scoop handle

    I recently purchased a pair of 48 inch (1-1/4") Hisco fiberglass post hole digger handles to use on my Starv Scoop. The shafts are extremely solid and do not bend. After shipping the cost worked out to be about $20.00 per shaft. Hisco Company link: Hisco Tools Online - Hisco Tools Online...
  4. One, Two & Three : Engagement, wedding and eternity rings - all lost ,but then recove

    OUTSTANDING! Remember... "What Goes Around Comes Around" as no good deed is forgotten.
  5. small sovereign gt coil wanted

    I just wanted the forum members to know that I just completed a smooth transaction with donkarlos. We had pleasant email communication and his payment arrived quickly. Thank you donkarlos. -NEBeachcomber
  6. small sovereign gt coil wanted

    Thank you for restoring my post Treasure_Hunter. I didn't realize that my membership had expired, nor did I update myself on the rules indicating that a Charter Membership was required to sell on TreasureNet.:dontknow: NEBeachcomber
  7. small sovereign gt coil wanted

    I just renewed my Charter Membership and the offer I made to you before my message was deleted still stands.
  8. small sovereign gt coil wanted

    I've got a practically new Coiltek "Joey" that's made for the Sovereign that I'm willing to part with. I purchased it and only used it a few times. $105 shipped.
  9. Wet sand hunt gives up a .......Meteorite?

    I look forward to hearing the end results and I wish you the best of luck in learning that "it is" a meteorite.
  10. Convert a CZ20 to CZ21 - my advise

    Since the pinpoint button of the CZ-21 is an off/on switch... Why not just move the pinpoint button of the CZ-21 up to the area where the two LED's were located on the older CZ20. Then install a similar push button to be used as an autotune/discrimination button where the pin point button is...
  11. Convert a CZ20 to CZ21 - my advise

    The way I see it... if you put a switch on the handle of your CZ20/21 you will lose the option of hip mounting. (If you hip mount?)
  12. Wet sand hunt gives up a .......Meteorite?

    TheInspector... if I found that and I thought it might be an actual meteorite I would be wearing out my shoes trying to find someone who could examine it and give me a definite answer rather than fooling around on the forum trying to get opinions. :)
  13. Searching for a CZ-7 manual

    I believe the only difference between the CZ7 and the CZ7a was the correction of a battery drain issue when the CZ7 was turned off? With the release of the CZ7a that issue was corrected. Other than that I believe they are identical and the instruction manual would read exactly the same with...
  14. đź’µ FOR SALE Tesoro Sand Shark with 10 inch coil

    I'm interested in this detector. Is this the "hard wired version" or the model with the inter-changeable search coils? Could you email me some images of the package you have for sale?
  15. N

    I just happened to view a few of your posts on the forum and all I can say is "WOW". I live...

    I just happened to view a few of your posts on the forum and all I can say is "WOW". I live just across the harbor from you, on the North Shore, and your finds have stoked my desire to get back onto the beaches. :) Thanks for the inspiration and "nice" finds. -NEBeachcomber
  16. Fisher 1265x or compatable battery door

    With a thin wire brad, a pair of wire cutters, a little drilling, and some super glue... I'll bet you can fix the battery door better than Fisher designed it. :)

    Thanks for posting the link to the Golden Olde as it has brought back many fond memories of good times gone by. Norm Garnush... from one beach hunter to another... you are missed and will always be remembered. :sadsmiley: -NEBeachcomber
  18. Hoping to find a Fisher cz-6a

    There's one right here on Treasurenet: (I am not affliliated with the seller nor do I know him/her) -NEBeachcomber
  19. Has the CZ3D been discontinued?

    Newfiehunter... I have owned a CZ detector (in one form or another) since the mid 90's and I have had to send only one CZ6a back to Fisher for a new pinpoint button. As you already know the CZ detectors are built like tanks, leading me to believe that you have many more years of good service...
  20. Has the CZ3D been discontinued?

    Newfiehunter... Thanks for taking the time to post your video. I have an 1121 CZ3D that was tuned by Tom and I have to agree with your findings. A properly tuned CZ3D is real hard to beat in the field. -NEBeachcomber