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  1. Spring 2016 Metal Detecting for Natural Silver

    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Nice silver!
  2. Metal Detecting Coastal Mountains

    The BC coast is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. Absolutely beautiful. Beach gold placers are found on Graham island in the Queen Charlotte group. The mouth of Martell Creek, Bull Swamp and Masset Sound between Rooney and Crowell points and a small stream about a kilometer...
  3. Big Nuggets

    Here's a cool old book that lists a bunch of the giant nuggets found during the glory days of the California gold rush along with the mine or creek where they were found. The whole book is interesting reading. The nugget info starts on page 91. California Gold Book: First Nugget, Its...
  4. Bit of info on the possible New Minelab~ GPZ 7000, Jupiter

    Sweet! Looks pretty cool. Hey Steve- I went to the Miner's Den website and they had a testimonial from "Steve USA" who had found a 2.5 ouncer at 2.5 feet. That wasn't you, was it? If so, congratulations! That's a great find at an impressive depth.
  5. How do you guys find producing areas to detect?

    This should give you an idea where the old-timers found gold in California. Look for the gold section in the table of contents and then find the specific county you're interested in. Report of the State Mineralogist - 1896 California State Mining Bureau J.J. Crawford, State Mineralogist...
  6. Abandoned Trails in Silver Country

    Jim- Greetings from the west Texas oil patch. Always nice to see your posts! I love the scenery and the fall colors in your pictures. The silver finds are absolutely amazing! A Merry Christmas to you! I keep your other long detailed silver posts bookmarked and have read them many times in...
  7. Jersey experts find gold necklace in largest Celtic hoard

    Jersey experts find gold necklace in 'largest Celtic hoard' Jersey experts find gold necklace in 'largest Celtic hoard' A gold necklace has been discovered by experts examining the world's largest hoard of Celtic coins. Senior conservator Neil Mahrer is working on Le Catillon II hoard and said...
  8. 5 lb nugget found in Butte County

    Gold nugget found in California finds secret buyerSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — One of the largest gold nuggets in modern times pulled from Northern California's Gold Country has sold to a secret buyer. The new owner of the so-called Butte Nugget and its exact price will both remain mysteries at the...
  9. Park hunt

    Cool finds! What park do you hunt? Golden Pate Park in San Francisco is one of my favorite hunting spots.
  10. Sanborn Fire Maps for Pennsylvania

    Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
  11. Sanborn Fire Maps For Missouri Towns and Cities

    Sanborn Maps for Missouri Home
  12. Sanborn Fire Maps For Georgia Towns and Cities, 1884-1922

    Sanborn® Fire Insurance Maps
  13. Free map downloads

    Here's a link to the Library of Congress, they have about 6000 of the Sanborn maps posted. Includes some from Mexico, Canada, Cuba sugar warehouses, and U.S. whiskey warehouses. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (G&M Reading Room, Library of Congress)
  14. Civil War Bullet ID Chart

    Hi All- I can't take credit for this, just passing it on. I found this browsing another forum that had nothing to do with the Civil War or Metal Detecting. The poster couldn't remember where they found it so I can't attribute it. Hope some here find it useful. Sorry if anyone's already...
  15. Diggers Diary: The Mysterious Ming Medallion

    Here's some more info on the Ming medallion with a picture of it cleaned. (scroll down most of the way) According to author Gavin Menzes, author of "1421", this disc and other evidence points to a visit to North America by Chinese Admiral Zheng He and his armada in 1421. Very interesting book...
  16. Can you trust a coin-counting machine?

    Interesting article... Can you trust a coin-counting machine? | Press on Your Side Anyone else see this? Found this in the comments section: "Having bought customer rolls from banks to look for rare coins so I know first hand."

    Nice find! Never heard about anyone finding silver in a penny box before.
  18. your copper %?

    I get about 20% copper when searching boxes in the San Francisco Bay area. After going through about 25 or so boxes, I have found three indian head cents. I now live on a ranch in the Nor Cal boonies. My local bank boxes have a slightly higher copper rate, about 30%. Silver halves are a bit more...
  19. Old Copper Lightning Rod?

    Howdy all- Just rented a cabin on a horse farm out in the country. Place is a mess with junk and scrap metal. Owner said I could clean the place up and "recycle" what I want, doesn't care, wants the "junk" gone. Going to scrap the hell out of the junk and make dump runs with the rest. There's...
  20. Bergers Tourists Guide to New Mexico (1883)

    Berger's Tourists' Guide to New Mexico (1883) Berger's Tourists' Guide to New Mexico: Including Descriptions of Towns, Pueblos, Churches, Pictures, Statues, Ruins and Antiquities; Together with Mountains, Canons, Springs and Other Places of Interest William M Berger, c1883...