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  1. Cracker Jack Mystery Club coin

    I found a Cracker Jack Mystery Club coin the other day-about the size of a quarter and presumably aluminium. It had president James Garfield on the back side. I thought I was digging a quarter as it showed the characteristics of a quarter on the etrac. Anyone else found any of these?

    Colchicine used to work great for me when the cost was $10 for 100 pills- when I would get a gout attack I would take one pill every 2 hrs until I got diahrea-usually 2-5 pills and by that time the gout was gone- so the treatment cost under 50cents. The drug company took the old colchicine off...

    I have way too much experience with gout, I had suffered with it for over 30 years and I agree with what everybody says about it. I haven't had it now for about a year and a half. About 2years ago I became very sick to the point of almost dying. I started seeing an herbal healer who determined I...

    I see things and would probably see much more in person, but what I see is not man made symbols pointing toward treasure, more like signs from the spirit world
  5. New Member in North Texas

    Welcome, I used to live in the area and know quite a bit of the history. Still have a cabin at Texoma and plan on being back there next week. Not sure for how long, maybe we could meet up, there are some old parks in both Sherman and Denison.
  6. I was actin suspecious at a city park

    nervous cops always scare me more than anybody else
  7. I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!

    I love western Maryland, travel through there twice a year and always stay in Grantsville coming and going. And of course you have the old national road through the area and who knows what treasure awaits there.
  8. Beware Tick Time

    Ticks are a way of life here, the dogs all get the tick pill from the vet and that works real well, I'm thinking of telling the vet I have a 180 lb dog at home and need a pill for him. Seriously though I've had/have lyme, it is no fun and residual effects are pretty annoying. Most of the time I...
  9. Has anyone used CBD oils for joint pain ?

    Here's another tip you might already know of- we keep elderberry juice around and whenever we feel like we're coming down with something we drink some and it stops just about any illness in its tracks- incredible stuff.
  10. Has anyone used CBD oils for joint pain ?

    I have joint pain on and off on a regular basis from either arthritis, gout, or lyme disease. I tried a few brands of cbd oil, some had no noticeable effect, one did help with the pain, but it is kind of costly. What has helped more than anything and is amazingly cheap is baking soda. That's...
  11. Am I being watched or just paranoid ?

    Wow, I would definitely contact him, become his friend and hunt the treasure together. Obviously he knows about the site and probably much more than you do, knows where the treasure isn't because of his grandfather, and apparently there is treasure there, maybe if the two of you worked together...
  12. Anyone here remember the Diving Horse on Atlantic City's Steel Pier ?

    Saw the horse diving and was not impressed, don't think the horse really cared for it either, the billboards were more exciting than the real thing. Did see many musical groups there in the mid 60s.
  13. Found a well - age?

    This post has inspired me to dig out an old well on my place, mine is not brick, just rock lined. But here people were poor and bricks cost money and rocks were plentiful and free. An 80year old neighbor who has lived here all his life can't ever recall a house by the well or even why the well...
  14. Colorado Railroad button!

    I think at the time my great grandfather worked for the Colorado Midland they were owned by Rio Grande Western. The Colorado Midland was seriously in debt the whole time they existed and had many owners. I have the book Colorado Midland by Morris Cafky which goes into great detail about the...
  15. Colorado Railroad button!

    Wow, great find, my great grandfather was a conductor on the Colorado Midland from 1906- about 1910