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  1. andrew jackson 1829 gold gilt back buttons

    today i found 5 of them all in the same hole. what a great year so far pics to follow shortly thanks. jfxjake
  2. found fedex.

    on my doorstep my new e-trac cant wait. my anolog days are over after 21-years. it great to be me today!
  3. sesquicentennial 1776-1926 silver half

    found this on sunday. they are doing a large tear out for sidewalks and it was in a plie of dirt. frist for me-! i mean i found silver halfs over the years but what are odds finding one of these! cleaned up nice it was really black in spots. will be hitting some soybean fields this weekend for...
  4. cellar hole gold

    found this last week at one of the cellar holes i have been hitting all summer. now finally the heavy weeds and brush are starting to thin out. its gold about the size of a quarter. no markings only. royle 57th. this site also produced a nice 1818 largie. any help would be great-!
  5. abondon picnic grove 1888-1963

    not shown are 56-indains 1-barber half 14-barber quarters. several v-nicks/bufflows will post more pics soon. my partner found at least this much maybe more plus a nice gold dollar mounted from a old necklace but he does not post his finds on the internet.
  6. abandon picnic grove now completed 6months worth of finds.

    many pics to follow. i started this project back in april 09 and hunted all spring and summer this was a virgin site. (thats where ive been) not posting much. give me some time and i will show you all my finds and a final tally/ :thumbsup:
  7. 🥇 BANNER I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT-! chain-cent 1793.

    found this on saturday at a stone foundation near a old well opening in the woods. when i dug it it looked kinda fat.(thick) and on sunday got around to cleaning it up and this is it-! man its like hitting the lottery-!!. all the large cents i found over the years never thought i find one of these.

    this took myself and my hunting partner little over 18-days to try and sweep almost 333-acres and never really put a good dent in it. we will be hunting this spot for years i think as long as the farmer lets us. now its off limits he seeded the fields and we will have to wait till late fall or...
  9. 17-days of searching colonial encampment

    still cleaning the finds stay tuned (really cool relics)
  10. whites XL-PRO

    question? i love analog machines. i thinking of up grading from my 1991 whites 6000 pro to this one. whites has it under there specilty metal detectors for list of $699.95 anyone ever use one of these and can i get a better price elsewhere? :icon_profileleft:
  11. super bee headphones

    hi all question? are these headphones (super bee brand) any good? and will they work well on older whites machine 6000 di pro model or 5900 di pro plus? ???
  12. found on 10-18-07 frist for me 1765 silver thaler more>>>

    my hunting partner and i got permission to hunt a old bed and breakfast inn in morgan town pa. a few weeks ago. and it proved to be another good spot he got us. after only finding a few wheats and a indian. i moved from the front yard to the back where there were remains of a old smoke house...
  13. july/august/2007 reales (as promised)

    here are the spanish silver coins i found so far this summer. 1780 1-reale and 1787-2 reale (dark) toned. i think due to animal urine in the area i found it near the farm pasture see pic. this spot gave up a large cent as well as a few indians. and lots of lead.
  14. gold elgin pocket watch

    this was found by my very good friend and fellow tresure hunter in one of the many farm fields we hunt together. hes still dosent have a digital camera so i said to him i will post it for you watch dates circ.1867 according to the serial numbers on the watch movment. happy hunting-!!

    these are all my older copper finds so far this year from april 2007 to present so far 40 coins. there are some jersey (horse head) coppers. some bust half cents and 1794 and 1798 large cents as well as some state coppers. and some king george coppers. all where found in open fields or wooded...
  16. past fri/sat finds slippery rock pa.

    went to up state pa this past weekend to hunt a privite farm site i was invited to by my sons best friend near the college. nice seated quarter and half dime combo with some flat buttons. not shown are some clad and a old hammer happy hunting-!!
  17. GOLD&KING GEORGE COPPER (abandon grist mill new spot)

    GOLD&KING GEORGE COPPER (abandon grist mill new spot) this spot is going to be great-! found all this in a 3-hour hunt near a very old stone wall near the opening to the tree lined foundations. small gold 14kt ver ornate ring(cleaned up great with mild soap/water bath. another king george large...
  18. had a good day. new site old mill

    had a good day on saturday. new site with good potential. 3-king george coppers. one indain. misc wheats couple mercs. cool old ring.

    QUESTION. will higher ohms headphones such as the new killar bee models or say 32ohms to 150 ohms blow out your metal detectors pre-amp ( detectors built in amp?) i currently use cal-rad myself at 8-ohms. i heard these ::) newer phones also may miss surface signals and only go after the deeper hits.
  20. BYE ALL-!

    heading back home to my mothers farm in virginia her health is fading. i want to thank all that responed to my [posts. and special thanks to PBK. for info on my 1527 hammered coin from lancaster pa. i think may submit to western tresures as well as the seated libery dollar i found in late...