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  1. New display

    All the points recovered approx 30 miles SSW of the Folsom site in New Mexico. Mostly local material, but other material is represented as well.
  2. New display

    The process I used for hafting the points was I saddled out a lilac stem (only resource readily available at the time) to make a bed for the projectiles. Then heated up some pine resin and glued the points to the shaft in the saddled out area and wrapped with artificial sinew. Was quite fun...
  3. New display

    Thanks so much. I really enjoyed putting it together. Drove the better half nuts requesting her opinion on numerous arrangements for the display. I had never hafted points before, and enjoyed the process.
  4. New display

    Been collecting for quite a few years. Most of collecting was in SW Kansas and enjoyed it a lot. This is a recent display I assembled for my employer in NE New Mexico. Was very pleased with the end results All artifacts were collected in NE New Mexico.
  5. Looking back.

    I am definitely enjoying them, it seems like they are starting to get in the way of other things I should be doing. There are so many "gem articles" between the covers.
  6. Looking back.

    I also remember these adds of days gone by, like in Boys Life, Popular Mechanics, etc. Not sure how deep they would go. My first detector was a Radio Shack purchase. The add claimed "instantly detects objects 22 ft." But I am sure the substrate composition played a factor on depth and object.
  7. Looking back.

    Old West magazine, Summer 1972 advertisement. Fisher Gemini detector. Big detector and serious depth @ 22 ft.
  8. Looking back.

    True West August 1962. I will be posting other snippets here on "Looking back" thread.
  9. Looking back.

    Financing terms looked tough.
  10. Looking back.

    I recently was gifted a collection of Old West, Frontier Times, True West magazines. The collection date range early 1960's - mid to late 2010. Still working on getting them sorted chronologically and by publisher (300+ publications). Unbelievable articles! Here is an advertisement that made me...
  11. Stopping to see eagle nest

    I am about 130 miles ESE of Chama within shouting distance of the "Point of Rocks" historic landmark on the Santa Fe trail.
  12. Stopping to see eagle nest

    Indeed it is. Most commonly sited here on the high plains and mesa country in northeast New Mexico during the winter months. Spring and summer I'm sure they travel to cooler climates North.
  13. Stopping to see eagle nest

    Caught one by camera last week while out doing chores. I had a conversation with a long time resident of the area a year or so ago, she stated that years ago there was a nesting pair here in northeast New Mexico. One of the pair lost it's life to power line pole accident. It is so refreshing to...
  14. Anybody have good ideas on how to get rid of skunks?

    Pour ammonia liquid concentrate around the foundation. May take a few applications, but feel it will work.
  15. ✅ SOLVED Help with Spanish/Mexican button and Eagle form

    Will be looking at mantel clock adornments. Thanks for direction.
  16. ✅ SOLVED Help with Spanish/Mexican button and Eagle form

    Never thought about the possibility of "drawer pulls" most I am finding are double anchor points, but will keep searching. Thank you.
  17. ✅ SOLVED Help with Spanish/Mexican button and Eagle form

    Thank you. Is there a good site for Spanish/Mexico buttons research?
  18. ✅ SOLVED Help with Spanish/Mexican button and Eagle form

    Need some help with identification. The small button I feel is a Spanish/Mexican button. I have had no luck in searching a positive ID. The Eagle form has a 3/16 threaded hole in the bottom for attachment to...….. flag pole? All help or direction as to where to research would be great. Both...