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  1. Am I going crazy?

    With the recent COVID-19 reports regarding vaccines, increased cases, and new variants, it's like things are worse. I have dealt with this on the onset and I was fine, until now I'm losing my desire to do stuff anymore. We're not going back to our normal lives anytime soon, right? :( I am so...
  2. Any good treasure hunting games or apps?

    I wonder if you guys know any good treasure hunting games like Scavenger Hunt, or if you guys use any apps that help with our hobby or anything related to it. Any recommendations are much appreciated.
  3. What's the most challenging thing you experienced in treasure hunt?

    We all had this one moment where we've had difficulty, may it be physical, emotional, etc. What was the most challenging thing you experienced that almost made you stop this hobby? What did you do?
  4. Where to hunt in spring?

    Is there a particular place where it's best to hunt at this time of the year?
  5. New beginnings

    Days become longer and the weather gets warmer in the temperate zone. In the last 3 days, the vine at my house has suddenly gotten leaves. The apple tree blossoms for 2 days. Birds are chirping like never before. The world around us is bursting with new life, new energy, new beginnings. What...
  6. I need to have some finds.

    It makes me sad and anxious at the same time that my energy to dig and look for great finds are lessened due to stress lately. Whenever I make a plan and I seem sure and optimistic about it, I end up overthinking. Not sure if it's excitement or anxiety. Has anyone felt the same?
  7. Do you know what is the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety?

    Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam or having a medical test or job interview. If you feel that way, you can follow...
  8. Fewer Finds Due to COVID-19

    I was wondering if most have been affected by the pandemic. I assume not since we're not hunting by crowds. How was your hunt? Did you get fewer finds? What were the struggles you had to deal with during these past few months? There are several people I know who felt depressed and all. Do you...
  9. How are you dealing with your anxiety?

    Since the pandemic is still not solved. I know some people are having anxiety. The thing is, How do you deal with your anxiety during these pandemic days? Can you share it here?
  10. CoViD-19 Thread Chat

    How are you dealing with the CoViD-19 pandemic? Does Lockdown affect you? What are you doing in your quarantine days? I hope all of you are fine and stay safe always. Have a nice day!
  11. Books to read during COVID-19 lockdowns

    We're nearing a year since the lockdowns began. How many books have you finished and what are the titles?
  12. Covid-19 2020 Pandemic

    Most of the people nowadays are suffering due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. From your experience, How do you deal with the CoViD-19 Pandemic?
  13. who knows?

    Any idea what is this? I'm just cleaning around the room and found it under the closet. Is this something to keep or just a garbage thing?
  14. grandma's coins

    Found this on my grandma's purse and got no idea about these coins.
  15. What would be the dream find for you?

    There's a lot of buried treasures on our planet. What would be the dream treasure that you could discover if you can?
  16. What do you think about therapy/counseling (inspired from the AA post)

    just wondering. will you/have you done to counseling individually, with your spouse, as a family or in a group? what type of therapy was that and did it help?
  17. Bad day

    Just when you think you know people, they disappoint you in ways you never thought they could. - Unknown
  18. What do you want in a relationship?

    Just curious as to what everyone's opinion is on a romantic relationship. For me, I think a relationship means two people are in a team, who have each other's backs and help each other when things get tough. It means being considerate of the other person, and truly trying to understand things...
  19. Happy Camping with a Twist

    So our last family camping was held in Dogwood Family Campground. I was with my sister and my 5 other cousins. I liked the location. There a lot of recreational activities to do. You can go hiking, fishing, horse riding and the best part is, you are so close to nature. While we were having fun...
  20. What food is good for anemic?

    My skin is so pale. What to do?