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  1. Cobra Beach Magnet - Six Months Later

    Ironically, I still have this thing 14 years later. ������ Still works as it always has. Still won't find ANYTHING smaller than 22lr casings. And no, it still won't find nuggets. Maybe if they are bigger than a 22lr casing it'd find them but...
  2. Pics of my Collection

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys! I am really glad you all are enjoying the pics. That was the only reason I posted them was for you guys to enjoy! Man, I gotta lot to catch up on with my slight absence for the board! LOL
  3. Pics of my Collection

    Thanks for all the great remarks fellas! ;D ;D ;D
  4. FT-Ace 250

    I'll go 150 on it... cash. Sorry, can't offer up any silver.
  5. Lead mold or just a fishing net weight?

    Lead, when poured into a container shrinks during cooling... causing the divot you see. That was the top of the pour. The hole looks like where someone screwed a screw eye into it to use it for a weight. I had several of these around until I melted them into a bumper for my tractor... Anyone...
  6. Pics of my Collection

    Hey! Quite mister! Or next time I'll use PULL TABS! :laughing7: :laughing7: :laughing7:
  7. Pics of my Collection

    Rory, I have about five metal pieces TOTAL in the collection. The green one is actually a dark grey. It is obsidian which is volcanic glass. It just looked green when held up to the light.
  8. Pics of my Collection

    Thanks for the link Whodowl! I didn't realize folks were STILL reading this post. ;D ;D ;D
  9. found items goods metal detecting MI ST 434.21 - 29

    "Don't know if your septic contents will be public domain or not. " Could we get fined for illegal dumping? ::) ::) ::)
  10. Underwater metal detecting:

    Michigan believes that anything lost belongs to them. If it is underwater, it is theirs. If it is on the beach, it is theirs. If it is on public land, it is theirs. If it is on private land, it is the landowner's... everything else belongs to the indians. The official answer I received was...
  11. Button

    "I found this button 2 days ago near a cellar hole." Then I am going to go with......... a cellar button! LOL Nice find G.
  12. Pics of my Collection

    There are two, there is a head and there is the turtle... there is also a knapped flint piece that looks like an eagle or bird of somekind.
  13. Found in 4 feet of water...looks like a pipe?

    Errr... oops. I said Gage... I meant chuck... but I guess that is irrelavent at this point. At least I got the rest of you guys going in the right dirrection. ;D ;D ;D
  14. Pics of my Collection

    Me too my friend... and I ain't saying that with a big head. I am very proud of it and the countless miles of walking in fresh mud fields and all the hours of researching and garnering permission my father put into this collection. Every time I look through the collection I find a new favorite...
  15. Pics of my Collection

    Thanks Johnny Reb!
  16. Pics of my Collection

    Thank you sir.
  17. Pics of my Collection

    You would not believe how proud I am of them...
  18. Stone Cherokee ax ???

    Ok... stone axes in the southeast went out with the advent of early trade with the settlers and trappers. That'd be around 1800 in Tennessee. The head looks authentic, I have a couple like that. The handle is correct for that type of head. Take the wood of twice the needed length, split it down...
  19. Pics of my Collection

    Unearthed, These have been collected over about 80 years now. As for where to look... try plowed fields on highground near large creeks or rivers where it does not flood and go after a good rainstorm... just make sure you have permission. Too, never look on state or federal land... unless you...