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  1. Error Quarter?

    Hi all, I have been following this forum for a while, and wanted to see what you guys thought of this quarter I got in change a few years ago. Thanks for looking.
  2. Solid Copper Ball?

    Hey all, just going through some old finds in this long winter and this still has me stumped. It was found in an old abandoned railroad stop town that had about 300 people in the 1920s but is just a single bar now. It weighs about 650 grams and appears to be solid copper with flat spots on the...
  3. am I the only md in nd here

    Well ive been metal detecting in nd for 2 yrs now and but wondering if anyone else is out there. ive only seen a few people detecting but ive found most but not all parks and public areas have been pounded. But yards and private properties are usually great places. Anyways good luck to all...