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  1. Deus 2 - you won't miss much

    Lots of good finds there!! I'm still plowing my yard off so I can practice swinging the Deus 2. Ill be real happy when I can do some digging. 14 inches of snow today in Wisconsin. Thanks to you and TNsharpshooter for your videos and especially your tutorials. I'm putting together programs...
  2. Deus II ,who is buying?

    My opinion is this. Look at how much people spend on fishing, 4 wheeling, snowmobiles, and many other hobbies. $1600 is a bargain for a tool to enjoy the outdoors. Just my thoughts😄
  3. XP DEUS II Beach Hunt Myrtle Beach S.C.

    Your 750 ring on the beach today hast to be 75% gold. I would test it and or look it up. Great video today! Can't wait to get mine👍👍
  4. XP Deus II -Strikes Gold on the Beach

    Good job guys. Still waiting on them to ship to the US for us normal folks. Starting to look like we'll be lucky to get ours by spring🥺
  5. Copper Culture Native American artifacts

    My best and oldest finds were these 2 archaic Native American copper artifacts. The first is a spear point and the second is a chisel/celt. These were both found in 2021 my best Detecting year ever
  6. New Guy From Wisconsin

    Here's my favorite find from this year. Found it as I was searching for an old Homesite in there woods. I didn't expect to find an ancient copper spear point from the archaic native Americans. I was so excited!
  7. New Guy From Wisconsin

    Thanks! I'm from the Superior area
  8. New Guy From Wisconsin

    New to the site with 2+ years experience.