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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Ottoman button or pendant?

    Found this in Eastern NC trying to figure if anybody can let me know what is was… Looks like coin but looks like it was stamped. Looks like ottoman surrounded by stars with letter P about the size of a dime… looking a little info. Thank you
  2. ✅ SOLVED Would like some Idea what it might be? Found in Civil War Site

    Red Coat, going through some of saves. I forgot about this one. I found in same area. Just thought was a cool pennant or something. But has the same Tughra surrounded by 12 stars and Letter P. It is about size of dime and very thin. Any thoughts?
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Flat Buttons, need ID

    That does look like the 1st button… thank you.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Flat Buttons, need ID

    Going through some buttons, I came across these two. One has dropped wing eagle with motto above it and looks like United States of America… the button is a flat flat button and is 14.4 mm can not make out back mark… other button is flat button no back mark and has stars with lined field. It is...
  5. 🥇 BANNER Seminole War Fort Awesome Coin

    Nice Spanish Silver
  6. Cool day for a Florida Hunt

    Nice US Artillery Button, Love finding those. Great Saves
  7. 1833 large cent

    Nice Save
  8. 1833 large cent

  9. Moving to Fla

    Well this is happening, I am moving from NC to Ft Myers/Cape Coral, FL area. I will be looking some new areas to hit, anybody in those areas want to get together and to explore some. Prob be a month or so to get everything ready to go. Happy Hunting looking forward for the fall
  10. My Second Rosa Americana and a Homemade Pewter Button?

    Awesome Saves!! Congrats
  11. Arrowheads from South Texas collected over the years

    Nice Points, dont know much about them, but love finding them also
  12. Huge Relic Spill at an Indian Wars Site

    Awesome Find, Love the lead
  13. Today's finds

    Nice Saves!!...
  14. The Big Elkos Keep on Coming!

    Awesome Saves!!
  15. Pottery

    Great Finds, i have always wanted to find pieces to put together to get complete piece...
  16. 1804 Bowed Liberty Dollar Real or replica?

    yes, it is a replica

    Awesome Saves!!! Love to Rowel very nice:notworthy: