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  1. New Beach Detector? Learn to Use Tide Charts

    Excellent advice. Do not forget the moon phase as well. New and full moon pull the hardest in many areas. Tide, wind, moon phase and liklihood of lost treasure. On my part of the east coast, the beach lies in an almost NW to SE orientation. For us a strong N wind erodes faster and I have found...
  2. Fill in holes

    100% correct and good exercise. Too many irresponsible hunters will result in yet another denied permission. Thanks for the reminder. HH Now if we can get the dog people to pick up their dogs’ turds!
  3. 15" coil question

    Latest update: For Sale……….Found out today it is sensitive on sloping beaches and does not match the way I hunt. Haha
  4. Skunked and Freezing on the Beach This Morning!

    Yep; told my wife I would giver here whatever I found. Now this isn’t my idea, it is from the tv show “The Detectorists”. I don’t think she got it. HH all.
  5. Equinox 800 weight

    Shoot an email to Steve, you never know what is about to come out of his ‘skunk works’ factory ;) Two things to try, shorten the shaft a little, this reduces the leverage. And it looks like you beach hunt like I do. In dry and wet sand, I drag the coil a little bit. Let the earth carry some. If...
  6. Neat little religious silver worn thin.

    Two finds in one! Very cool. How did you get the encrusted part to break apart so perfectly? HH
  7. Sand Scoop Question

    CKG is a good scoop for the money. Check the welds though. HH
  8. MASSIVE 6 OZ GOLD CHAIN***$$$6,000+

    It may just be the lighting but that chain looks legit. In fact If it was me I may not mention It again after testing. That is a great find and shows there is always something to find, even in a quiet spot known to have good targets in the past. Congratulations!!
  9. Sand Scoop Question

    That’s a good plan. Everyone goes through this and it will work itself out. If you start with a shovel and talk to others who have scoops you like you can get a good idea on things. The great thing is you have the Deus to learn! That is the way to go, it is a process. Have fun, regards.
  10. Sand Scoop Question

    Another suggestion, buy your scoop from a local store so you can try the scoop first and exchange it on the spot if you need to. There were retailers in Sunrise, Fl and Fort Lauderdale or Miami a couple years back. I have sent several back and had to pay postage. I have no close buy retailers. I...
  11. Sand Scoop Question

    Remember wet sand in a full scoop can get heavy if that could be an issue.
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED maybe a wedge?

    Could you post a pic of the side too? Looks like an old find.
  13. Dream piece for my wife...from my finds, merry christmas !!

    Speechless! Wonderful and thoughtful historic and life sharing gift. I Bannered it
  14. Island style relics !!

    Great find, never know what you may find in the outback. Merry Christmas!
  15. lower back pain on beach

    Like above someone mentioned lifting with your knees, not your back, and use both hands on the scoop. So if your knees are OK, squat down, grip the scoop with two hands, and lift with your knees. Take glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. I never believed they would work and it took about two...
  16. Beach Hunting Finds Container/Pouch

    Some use a nail apron but as mentioned it is all fabric and would hold sand in.
  17. This is just crazy amount of Spanish gold!

    If true that could lead to another ship of the 1715 fleet being located, very exciting. Fabulous finds Jimmy! Congratulations!
  18. My First Gold Coin - and Best Find to Date

    What an excellent find. Welcome. Were you using the original coil for the 800? Thinking about a change. Best regards
  19. ✅ SOLVED Sword Hanger?

    Great id, hard to see that from the find. Any thoughts why it was removed from the filler? Or just not well made. Regards
  20. ✅ SOLVED What is this?

    I cannot imagine a child wearing these though. Do you have any idea if they were just decorative or were worn? Thx