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  1. Beautiful little silver!! My first seated

    Me and my hunting buddy went to our old High School this am. It was built in 1903 and demolished @ 2006. They rebuilt a new middle school in the location. A new addition is in the process of being built. They had removed @ 12" of the old grounds and that was our focus. Clad, clad, clad and then...
  2. Oldest coin, cool token and pendant

    Got out on this beautiful Saturday for @ 3 hours. 1850 cent is my oldest coin find
  3. Last hunt of the year - Cool watch fob, junk jewelry and a rabbit

    Got out for a final hunt of the year. Weather was beautiful and finds were great. Really cool Illinois Firemens Assn watch fob dated 1916 made the day. Happy New Year to all
  4. Little silvers + nice ring + motorcycle pendant = great day of detecting

    Had a great day out detecting at the local park. Ran the 6" coil on the Equinox for the first time. Little cool outside but the detecting days are numbered so had to get out. Happy Holidays to all
  5. Standing Liberty Quarter, cool button and clad

    Got out early this am for some detecting. Been hitting it pretty hard the last couple of months (weekends only). Drove @ 20 miles hoping to do some beach detecting.... gated off for the winter!! On the way home, stopped at a small park I've never detected. Sweet high tone on the Nox and a...
  6. Big Silver Skull Ring - 42 grams, Great day in the sand

    Spent a few hours digging in the sand. 3 rings and some good clad.
  7. Beautiful 925 Cross Pendant

    Got out today at a local swimming hole. Found a gold plated ring, a couple of dollars in clad and this silver cross pendant
  8. Ring question - Identify

    Dug this ring. No markings. Any ideas? Solid 22 on the Equinox
  9. 14K ring

    Been on a long ring drought. Got out this am with the Equinox. Found a new, small permission close to home. 10 minutes into the hunt, got a solid 11 @ 4 inches. Pulled this nice 14K ring
  10. Cool money clip

    The heat has had me down for the longest time. Finally got out for a couple of hours this am. Hunting the edge of an overgrown field on the outskirts of a local park. Solid hit and pulled a cool money clip.
  11. Gold and Indian Head Cent

    Got out this am with the ATPro with the 5X8 coil. Working the edge of a soccer field and hit a solid 47 @ 2" down. Dug up this little 10K beauty In addition to the beautiful little ring, dug my oldest coin to date - 1887 Indian Head Penny. This has been my best week metal detecting. HH all
  12. Silver ring, silver dime and old lipstick

    Dug a cool little silver ring on a new permission. The homeowner really liked the ring so I gladly gave it to her. Silver dime and an old lipstick tube (I think) The highlight of the day was taking a lifelong friend MD'ing for the first time. I set up my Vaquero for him. He dug his first...
  13. Z Lynk field test & modification

    I've been using the Z Lynk for a 3 weeks now - 16 hunts - 10 with the ATPro and 6 with the Tesoro Vaquero. A couple of hunts in and I decided to cut down the headphone cord and mount the receiver directly on the headphone cup with Velcro. I cut down the cord, taped it back up, put heat shrink on...
  14. Super cool ring, 1902 Indian & NA token

    Dug this sweet ring up towards the end of my hunt this afternoon. It was @ 6" down. Not sure of its origin or meaning. No markings inside. Any help on that would be appreciated Nice Indian Head Narcotics anonymous token All in all, had an excellent day with beautiful weather. HH all
  15. 5¢ token, pendant and a handful of $1's

    Pretty good day. Found a real nice token, a pendant and 9 (yes 9) $1 Sacagawea and presidential dollars. Found all 9 dollar coins within a 25' X 25' square. The best kind of clad!!
  16. 1921 Automobile License & nice silver ring

    Another gorgeous mid February day. Got out this am with high expectations. They were met!! When I dug this up, I saw the outline and thought it was a kids badge for a second. Took the sunglasses off and OMG!! A 1921 automobile license!! A first for me. Totally excited about it A couple...
  17. Silver ring, holy Rosie & a good clad haul

    Nice day for MD'ing. Spent 5 hours in the field (park) Nice little 925 ring This one got the heart pumping Silver Rosie with a hole through it Football helmet pendant and $12.15 in clad Feeling real good about the start to a new MD'ING season. HH all
  18. Awesome token, Sacagawea & beautiful day

    First off..... What a gorgeous day!!! 72° helps lift you out of the winter blues Found this sweet token today. 1962 isn't that old but it sure is a cool token. LOVE tokens Always nice finding a $1 coin. Finished the day with $6.52 in clad also. Just a great day to be out swinging. HH all