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  1. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    maxrat.. Great Coins I will take 2 silver halves any day of the week. Crazy places we find coins.
  2. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    I have a 1784 French coin larger then a silver dollar, a hammered silver penny found here in NY 1540 so I am told. and a cob found a mile from my house on the shores of lake Eire/ I would like more info on this cob coin..
  3. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    I have 5 coins that I really really like that I dug.. This one was one I passed in a field, took a few steps past it then went back and dug ... yea me. for doing so....
  4. Me My Wife My Brother and my Sister in-law

    Gare.... You look like trouble. Your wife could have done much better. You are so lucky to have happy-go-lucky gal like her.... well... I guess you guys make a great couple. as long as she is happy that is all the matters. JB
  5. Service Members - Thank You For Your Service - May you have a good Memorial Day.

    My dad was in the Marines and in Iwo Jima. He watched as the flag was raised. He is gone now but the flag still stands. Happy Memorial Day
  6. Moving to Buffalo

    Send me a Message I will give you the Buffalo tour and if interested you can join our detecting club.....
  7. Pot Head Detectorist

    Well you guys lost me in the drug trade.. I never smoked more then 2 joints all my life going back to 1968. Many of my friends smoked regularly and daily. As time pasted they ended up dying before their times. I lost two friends in their 40s. Both loved the weed. Since weed was illegal they got...
  8. Does the XP Deus Coil remain ON all the time?

    help small locks blinking on and off can't shut the dam thing off
  9. Camp Sites along the old canals

    Yes... I was invited to detect a race track on a farmers land about a mile from the Erie Canal. We did not find a thing related to the old track but about 500 yards away I noticed a small mound in the field. So I headed in that direction and I noticed some broken glass in the field as I got...
  10. Buying Silver Coins and Silver Dollars

    If you are interested in selling most anything let me know. I am looking for some nice silver coinage for my personnel collection but am most interested in silver dollars. If you have a rare coin dug or collected depending on the coin I could make a sale happen if you are serious and I need...
  11. The Archaeological Society of Ohio

    For those who detect in Ohio and are in need of detecting locations I would recommend joining the Archaeological Society of Ohio. I do not live in Ohio but I am a member and live in NY . I get their wonderful magazine delivered to my house 4 times a year and membership is $30.00. Yes their focus...
  12. MY Best or GREATEST FIND

    The two on the right are from a fur trade site .. The fox is a pendent and the other is a nose ring or earring. The two cane heads are from in an old RR camp are two of three know to exist so I am told by the so called experts. Anyway I have posted them before and I have had offers to sell...
  13. Is this True ?

    I was under the impression that we were in line for Jan 15, 2022.. Like everything else they keep moving the goal line... Soon Gare Soon ...
  14. Blind Frog Ranch

    The coin looks like a is a cast copy. You can see the sand grit surface and the coating is pealing off. Similar to that of cast silver dollars being imported from China. They have a distinct look to them and can be spotted easily by a true coin dealer.
  15. 1700s coin spill! Fugios, 2-Reale, and Draped Bust!

    Nice finds in my book that a banner !!!!!

    I am a collector of many things, the house is 40 years old. But some of the main people involved in the paranormal want to come by and have a personnel look see and do some type of investigation .. I said no .,..They also said they can remove the spirits but once again I said know /.. Until I...

    . Well not when I was detecting but when I am home I have somewhat regular visits from things .. I have them on may cameras video. I have spoken to all the experts LOLOLOLOL well those who deal in strange happening and they tell me something like YOU HAVE Spirits !!!!! No Crap !!! My dogs will...
  18. H

    do you live in Aruba ? Heading in that direction waiting for a better medical report for the...

    do you live in Aruba ? Heading in that direction waiting for a better medical report for the island .. JIm
  19. I made it

    Yo Gare ..... Glad to see your doing fine. No surgery is fun, but yours was serious but the results were good. Glad to hear it .. You just gained another 30 years .. and that is fine with us ,,,

    Gare ..... The Topographic Maps are a way I found a Race Track from 1901 that lead me to a $5.00 gold Coin and hundreds of Barbers and Indians Heads.... Go find and search Historic Topographic Maps It wont get you back the the 1850s but it will get you back to the early 1900s. FInd them study...