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  1. 1786 Vermont copper

    A state copper has always been on my bucket list and I always thought my first would be a Connecticut, but to my surprise It ended up being a Vermont copper. Not in the best condition, but I’ll take it.
  2. Church token

    Found my first church token the other day. I can’t ID the exact type. The lettering around the token is not legible. Still different from the usual copper find.
  3. 1878 Morgan

    I spend hundreds of hours in the woods every year, but never had a Morgan on my radar. The woods I hunt are mostly free of junk so my coil is usually quiet except for the occasional nail, foil and a musketball ball or two. This day was no different,so quiet signal wise when suddenly get a high...
  4. Iron arrow point

    Really happy to have found this arrow point. I was wondering what exactly was this point used for? I’m guessing small game or birds?
  5. 1895 silver lapel pin

    This is my first finds post of 2021 as I just started my season. Went in the woods yesterday and after spending 4 hours without anything Was about to call it a day when I got this 90 signal in between some iron. As soon as I wiped some dirt off and saw silver I was ecstatic. Love that it’s...
  6. 1800 gold quarter eagle counterfeit

    Found this little guy last week.I wasn’t sure what I had at first.could make out the heraldic eagle ,but it looked like copper to me.After cleaning it a bit I could make out the capped friend Later told me it’s most probably a quarter eagle gold counterfeit.Hopefully next time it will...
  7. 1867-1922 Era Gold Ring

    Finally found my first gold ring after 4 years of detecting.I tried looking for the missing gemstone, but failed to do so.Nevertheless was super happy with this 10K ring.The makers mark Belongs to Samuel Holzapfel 1867-1922 of Austrian origin.
  8. Fur Trade knife

    Haven’t been on too many woods hunt this summer cause of the heat and humidity, but I’m glad I did recently.After a lack lustre couple of hours finding mostly bottle caps I found my one and only good find of the day.Its a Cartouche knife, which dates back to the fur trade period.Yeah I was...
  9. War of 1812 button

    Here are some nice finds from my last hunt.A kings 8th Regiment of foot button, a nice shoe buckle and a silver quarter.
  10. War of 1812 cross belt plate

    First few hunts of 2020 were nothing special to brag about.I was finding mostly Copper coins, but they were all toast.I was about to pack it in on my last hunt when this awesome war of 1812 cross belt plate pops out of the ground.This is an American 1808 pattern type and certainly made my...
  11. Counterfeit GEO III

    Here’s an interesting copper counterfeit. It’s around 26 mm and underweight at 5 gr. So as my friend pointed out it’s Geo III counterfeit , but it looks like they used the portrait of GEO II instead. I can make out 72 but not sure it’s a Machin mills? I couldn’t find any matching MM online. Any...
  12. Last hunt of 2019

    I took advantage of slightly warmer weather that we got towards the end of November for a couple of hunts. The last hunt, this past weekend,the ground was nearly frozen and so I bid goodbye to the 2019 season. Apart from several buttons, crotal bells, thimble and a couple of toasted coppers, I...
  13. Button display ideas?

    Hi all, I’m trying to find a way to display military buttons.All I can find online Is coin display cases, which don’t work for buttons. Any ideas for a DYI project that’s easy to do? Thanks
  14. King George III token

    Found this uncommon token just before the cold snowy weather arrived. I love finding tokens/coins that you don’t see dug up to often.nice way to end the season.
  15. Canada Militia Button

    Went out for a short farm hunt recently and was pleased to find this Canada Militia button. Despite the Irish back mark of P.Tait.Limerick I couldn’t find much more info about this button. After searching I found the same button on an online auction site. This description is from Marway...
  16. Stone tool

    Hi, I’m posting this for a friend. Any more info would be appreciated. Type of stone, tool etc. Thanks
  17. 3 Interesting buttons

    Just came back from visiting family in Italy.Only had time for three quick hunts with the heat and all. Found lots of buttons and these three were my favourites. One hunting button with the backmark of “ London Imperial “ A nice Navy button. My friend suggested it might be French.I really like...
  18. British Board of Ordance cloth seal

    British Board of Ordnance cloth seal Did a quick hunt yesterday and went back to a woods spot I hunted in the past. Found my second British military Board of ordnance cloth seal.I believe this seal dates back to Around the mid 1800’s. Cloth Seal, Broad Arrow, Board of Ordnance
  19. First American copper

    Well finally broke through with my first America copper. Not something I was expecting, but I sure ain’t complaining. Such cool history behind these hard times tokens. 1837-Hard times/merchant token ( ht-305 ) Millions for Defense/ not one cent for tribute. Abraham Riker 131 Division st. New York
  20. 1795 Lackington halfpenny token

    When I dug this I wasn’t quite sure what I had cause it was pretty worn. All I could see was the bust and “ ING “, “ UA”. After a week of searching I was able to ID it. It’s a Lackington halfpenny conder token. Cheapest booksellers in the world.