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  1. Old Bank notes

    7 $70 each Sir or $70 all ?
  2. Old Bank notes

    Good day to all, My Friend has this old Japanese bank notes.... And he want it to sell to me.. How much does this cost? Please help Thanks
  3. Carabao Treasure sign

    Yes that is brass Sir
  4. Carabao Treasure sign

    Good day Sirs, One of my Cousin's site they found a statur that looks like a carabao or water buffalo under 4 meters. We tried to show it to an expert but he said it is not gold. We try digging inside of it hoping that something is precious inside but the metal is still the same. Is this some...
  5. Bomb Treasure Marker

    Thanks Sir for your advice
  6. Bomb Treasure Marker

    That thing is recovered 3 meters below in a very hard rock surface
  7. Bomb Treasure Marker

    Thanks for the advise Sir
  8. Bomb Treasure Marker

    That bomb Sir is recovered in 3 meters deep with very hard kind of rocky surface
  9. Bomb Treasure Marker

    Good day Sirs, we have this bomb recovered on a treasure site, is there any meaning of this? Thanks for who will answer sincerely.
  10. Is this fake or genuine?

    3 Years Sir
  11. Is this fake or genuine?

    Hahaha About 4 years Sir... As I made the group
  12. Is this fake or genuine?

    Hahaha thanks everyone for great advise...hahhaha
  13. Is this fake or genuine?

    I don't know Sir but this is My Friend recovered
  14. Is this fake or genuine?

    I don't know Sir.,
  15. Looking for Partner that has GPR

    That is true Sir, I worked as a seafarer but still don't have the capability of having a GPR.
  16. Is this fake or genuine?

    Good day, One of my known TH Friend recently told me that they have found 120+ gold bars in 40 feet deep and asked if I know some gold buyers. I asked him photos of the item and he sent me this picture... Could this be real or fake? Because I didn't really saw an actual gold bars. If anyone...
  17. Need a Decoder and Good GPR

    Yes so many dealers of GPR but we don't have enough money to buy that is why I am looking for someone that has GPR to be my Partner.
  18. Old Japanese Camp

    It may seems a myth to you Sir but believe it or not many of our neighbors has recovered some of the deposit and some of it is in very shallow depth. We have a Friend very close to our family and the only way of living is by plowing a field, when he accidentally hit one box full of gold bars, I...
  19. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Small Jars

    LOL it is just a normal mask Sir