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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Strange key

    My friend found this key. What is it?
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Silver anchor button

    I found this silver button with crossed anchors. It tests positive for silver and a small file notch reveals that it is not plated. To my knowledge if the back of the button is ferrous then it’s a fashion button. But I’ve never found a silver button before so I thought I would ask the experts...
  3. Street Tear-Out yields BIG SLIVER pocket sundial

    For the past two nights I’ve been digging a street tear. First night I scooped up a 1879 Barber Dollar! Second night they tore up much more and I got 6 silvers, including a Walker and a Barber quarter! I also found the toasted remains of an Egyptian revival pocket sundial. This is what...
  4. 1 Bolívar 1945 Venezuela silver!

    Street tear-out produced a Bolivar coin from Venezuela. I thought it was interesting that the back lists the weight (5g) and sliver content (.835). The other finds are from the same tear-out two nights ago.
  5. 14oz of solid mushroom gold :)

    Found 14oz of Morel mushrooms tonight! Thanks for looking!
  6. ✅ SOLVED Ornate something maybe a pipe tamper?

    I thought this might be a pipe tamper but after looking at photos online it doesn’t seem to fit the bill.
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Pipe sticking out of the ground

    Back in the woods at a local park, along side a river, there’s a 75 foot (or so) area where there are 3 or 4 of these pipes sticking out of the ground. What are they? There’s no other sign of utilities at the site. At least one is un-capped and full of sticks and debris.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Buckle thing

    Dug this in a park. I believe it’s some kind of strap buckle (perhaps there’s a more appropriate name?). It seems to beefy to be from a garment. Anyone know what this was from?
  9. Krazy Kat, silver dimes, medicine bottle, license plate

    Most of this is from a couple sidewalk tear-outs. The enamel pin is a newspaper cartoon character called “Krazy Kat” which ran from 1913-1944. The pin is probably from the 1930’s. The licenses plate and bottle were from some woods at a local park. The license plate was just laying on top of the...
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Connor’s thing

    Dug this out of a trashy park. I’m guessing it held a cardboard sign or menu or something? Anybody know what it is?
  11. First week of detecting 2022!

    First week weather has cooperated enough to dig almost everyday. Dug the Barber quarter today! Nice way to end the week!
  12. 1950’s Zippo ?

    Got out for the first time this year and dug a Zippo lighter. I tried find a date for it and it might be 1950’s? Maybe maybe an expert can help me out with its age. I’m also curious about sending it in to be repaired. I know I’ve read about members doing that before. Just curious what to...
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Leather rivet with insignia

    This popped out of my local park. I can’t make out the design. Thought someone might recognize it
  14. Thanksgiving day Merc!

    Escaped out to the park for a couple hours while the turkey was in the oven. Squeaked out a Merc!
  15. Barber dime!

    Haven’t detected much lately but today I braved the cold and hot the park for a couple hours. Didn’t expect to find anything but ended up with a nice Barber dime :) Thanks for looking!

    Spotted this on eBay and thought it looked interesting and wondered if someone might be able to identify it, The seller apparently doesn?t know what it is and has it listed and described by the title of this post. Other than that I can?t add any details.
  17. Barber Quarter Suprise!

    Decided to go out to the park tonight a dig a little. As I?m on my way pit the door my 8 year old son asked if he could come with. He?s never asked to come with me before and at first I told him I thought he was going to be really bored and that I was only going to be digging trash. He didn?t...
  18. Nickel signal turned out to be a 14KP ring

    I haven?t been going to the parks much this year but Tonight I needed to do some digging and so away I went. Second dig was a decent nickel signal. I was pleasantly surprised to see a ring pop out of the hole! I could just make out 14k BUT there was something after the ?k? that I couldn?t quite...
  19. Lone Ranger Security Scout pin!

    Dug this last night in the freshly stirred dirt of an ongoing street reconstruction. It was a mail-way premium from Silver Cup Bread. Dates from around the 1940?s I think. Thanks for looking! *opps! That’s “Lone Ranger Safety Scout”
  20. Last night and today

    Last night I returned to the small town park where they are building a spray pad. Squeezed a few more finds outta there! Does anyone know what the thing with a six-shooter in it is? It have spikes on the back like it was attached to fabric maybe. I am also wondering what the rectangle with...