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  1. Trying a video

    That is so awesome! I love Idaho, used to fish Kelly Creek. Beautiful country.
  2. pink flowers

    Very pretty.
  3. The Mystery Of The 9,000 Year Old Hunting Tools Frozen In The Yukon

    I watched that awhile back. It is very informative & interesting.
  4. 10 silver old beach hunt

    Very nice finds. Do you clean them or leave them like that?
  5. Pa. Jasper- Bottom Center my best find so far for 2022.

    Very nice frame. Lot's of variety & colors.
  6. Gold in an unusual place.

    Looks like it was made for the level wind bait caster reels. Really nice antique.
  7. Tiny agate point

    That would have been awesome to see!
  8. The open-space & green belts

    Very nice scenery.
  9. Tiny agate point

    It is nice material. What was it used for? Maybe a dart?
  10. Harrell

    So that would have been a true arrowhead? Nice save.
  11. Blooming now.

  12. Estate sale fossil

    I like it and a good buy at $5. I have a couple similar to yours and display them with my other fossils & artifacts.
  13. Mom needs a break...

    Poor ol gal needs a break! Nice pic.
  14. Effigy Mounds • Pre-Columbian Mounds • Marker Trees

    That is a very rare and amazing find. You are lucky to have found it. Post it in the North American Indian Artifacts forum. Everyone would love to see it.
  15. indian sex stone of the month

    It's just a river rock.
  16. Me My Wife My Brother and my Sister in-law

    Pretty tough looking crowd you're hanging with!!
  17. Anyone here detecting after a hip replacement?

    My sister and mother had both their hips replaced. Mom did fine & lived to be 90. My sister is going gang busters at 72. I had a knee replacement 4 years ago & everything is fine. No issues other than kneeling is a little painful but I don't do that. I think you'll be fine. Sir Edmund Hillary...
  18. Hello

  19. How would you stop CRIME ?

    Very sorry for your pain and bad memories.