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  1. Got Stood up plus a V!!!

    Very nice finds RJ. Especially love the 1919-D SLQ that's in great shape considering those early years with the raised date are usually pretty worn. Only a little less than 2 million minted which makes it one of the rarer dates & not easy to find in the ground in the shape yours is in. Valued @...
  2. Found today in Eastern Washington. Still in disbelief. Didn't think there was anything this old here.

    Very very cool.....very very old........very very very very great shape..... ....very very nice find !!! Congrats !!

    First of all, welcome to T-Net ! Your old Whites is about 60 years old. You can still find stuff with them but I think your best bet would be to go with one of the newer machines that do a heck of a lot more & are lighter in weight & get much better depth on targets that you would miss with the...
  4. Barbie's 3.6g 18k Gold Diamond Earring Accessory

    Great find of the gold with the diamond. Now, I'm sure you probably know that old Barbies can be quite valuable. Just in case you might not be aware, make sure you don't have one or more of the "rare dates". My sister, who is now 67, still kicks herself in the ass for giving all her...
  5. Two Horse gold layered Levi Strauss button? Any info...?

    Your find gets more & more intriguing with each post. I'm glad Levis is showing interest & you touched base with their museum. What's puzzling is they don't seem to have a similar button in their museum or archives. Like you stated, they lost a lot in the 1906 fire & paperwork as well as...
  6. Two Horse gold layered Levi Strauss button? Any info...?

    "burlbark", I find your button very interesting. I'm sure you searched, like i did, and had a hard time finding a match for your button. It looks old & could be one of the rare ones but I came up empty in my searches. I think your best bet would be to email the Levi Strauss Company...
  7. My best day for gold!

    Huge congrats !! Two very nice hunks of gold. Notre Dame ring is top shelf of class rings. The person that lost it was probably born around 1934 , 1935 or earlier. Thanks for posting. CHEERS !!
  8. Todays park finds.

    Alfonso Bedoya, using a Tesoro Lobo, searching for gold in the Great Southwest. Classic !! You don't need to show us no stinkin' badges !! CHEERS !!
  9. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Still Shaking...1662 Massachusetts Oak Tree Twopence

    I never thought to create a "Bucket List" for myself but along with the 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarter, (only variety of the 1823), John Hull's 3, 6 & 12 pence (Shilling) coins were always on my mind when detecting in Boston. Over the years, I'm sure a few were tossed aside as just a flat piece of...
  10. Street Tear-Out yields BIG SLIVER pocket sundial

    Ditto !!! What more can one say? Everyone should be blessed with a hunt like yours. Best wishes for more goodies from that site !!
  11. Modern or old?

    Welcome to TNet ! From your description of the area you find/found these items, they could be made by early inhabitants of the land. I would suggest you get in touch with some historians, anthropologists & museums with "First Nations in Alberta". There must be some experts there that deal with...
  12. First day out with my Nox 800, found this. Little PBBlaster, and it all still works!

    Nice find ! Welcome to TNet ! I use PB Blaster on many things myself. Great stuff for rusted nuts & bolts etc.
  13. I know I post a lot of finds in the forum......

    You got your mind free of the outside world for a while & you got in some good physical exercise, which is always a good thing. Something ventured, something gained. CHEERS !!
  14. Studebaker Bros Mfg Co South Bend IN tag

    Nice find "mglentz" !! Great job of id'ing "centsless" !! Here's a wiki page to check out the Studebaker Brothers' history:
  15. Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    I've only been a member of "TreasureNet" for a few years & I'm not a Moderator or on any rules committees, but from where I sit, your update is exactly where it should be. You are updating the rest of us on your find with an important "provenance" about your great find. Congrats on the find ...
  16. Hunted yard was almost empty !

    My first thought was a seated Cleopatra holding a rose. I searched that & came up with a few links that are Cleopatra holding a flower but none of the ones I found were on a round pendant/charm & she is kneeling. The symbol on the back is baffling. If someone can figure that out it might lead...
  17. Researching a Colonial Tavern - First Prospect of the Area

    Yeah, good luck to you Terry. Seems like a very promising spot. Hope your diligent research pays off big time. Too bad about all the modern trash. The major bane of all us detectorists. I wish people weren't such litterbugs back in the day. We should all kiss the feet of the guy that invented...
  18. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Still Shaking...1662 Massachusetts Oak Tree Twopence

    Spectacular find !! Huge Congratulations !! :icon_thumright::icon_thumright::icon_thumright::icon_thumleft::icon_thumleft::icon_thumright::icon_thumright::icon_thumright::icon_thumleft::icon_thumleft:
  19. Recent Cape Cod Trail Finds

    Nice finds! Congrats !! I think you're right about the wick holder for an old whale oil lamp. Like crashbandicoot said, the eyelet probably had a chain attached so as to not lose the cap. On another note, my college baseball Coach/Manager also coached/managed the Harwich team in the Cape Cod...
  20. 1899 Dime

    "BigWaveDave" Love your 1899 Barber". CONGRATS !! From now on, you should refer to it as your "Al Capone's Barber". Just by coincidence, "Scarface" was born in 1899.