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  1. Deus 2 remote fully discharging without use after fully charged in a day or two.

    posted this in general forum if any one has any ideas.
  2. Deus 2 remote discharging fully

    Anyone out there having issues with the Deus 2 remote discharging completely without being used in a couple days? First time it happened I figured I left the remote on after a hunt so I recharged it as well as the headphone puck and coil. after a two days i went to use it and dead. plugged...
  3. Any clue? Brass bronze oriental devil demon found at late 1700s trade site.

    Back down to the river with the Deus2 again in the black sand 18” deep this comes out! I have found several Chinese coins here that date to the late 1700s. The Indians here traded with the Chinese long before Lewis and Clark were on the scene. It looks oriental in design, no marks or writing...
  4. 1802 Reg No. 2 Phoenix button found with Deus 2

    Took the Deus 2 to my river spot. Previously unhuntable area due to black sand overloading the Nox. (!) No issues with the Deus 2 in Beach P Reject black sand on. First target. About 6” deep with a thin layer of sandy crust around it. It fell off easily then rinsed with water and let dry. This...
  5. looking for a Nautilus DMC II-B-A

    hello, i am looking for a Nautilus DMC II-B-A with 10" coil but would like the 6", 8", 10", and 15" if possible. let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. 1802 Phoenix button found on first Columbia River hunt!

    I found this button near Chinook, WA at the mouth of the Columbia river with the Equinox 800. 1802 No. 28 Here's what I found out about it:
  7. Charter membership

    Hello all I paid my fee for charter membership but it’s not working. Anyone else having the same problem? I emailed the top dog 3 times with no response Here is some summer finds.
  8. ❎ SOLD Great deal on Minelab Etrac with extras hunt ready!

    I am selling my Minelab Etrac, mint condition perfect screen, detector always covered since new with the following: wireless headphones w/charger they work great on Etrac!, 8x6 SEF coil used once, Sunray X-1 target probe like new w/ housing cover, Protector.UK main body camo deluxe cover with...
  9. ❎ SOLD Like new! Sunray S1 Super target probe for Sovereign

    I have a Sunray S1 Super target probe in like new shape works great! Only selling because I beach hunt with my Elite and its more of a land use probe. Asking 150.00 shipped paypal gift or add 5% for fees to heres picts: Anasazi2's Library | Photobucket
  10. Have a like new 15" x 12" S E F coil for Sovereign

    SOLD! Have a like new 15" x 12" S E F coil for Sovereign SOLD!! Have a like new 15" x 12" S E F coil for Sovereign 140.00 or best offer! shipped paypal gift to Anasazi2's Library | Photobucket
  11. Wanted Sovereign GT or Elite w 10" Tornado coil great shape a must!

    Wanted Sovereign GT or Elite w 10" Tornado coil great shape a must! Found one than Looking for a Sovereign GT or Elite with 10" Tornado coil or 8" Sun-ray The nicer the better!:icon_thumright: If you have one (Pappa)? shoot me a price Thanks! Found one thanks Pappa and TN!