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  1. found this CRH...a 2000 no mint wide AM penny

    Was going through a few rolls of pennies today and came across this 2000 wide AM cent. said to be worth something. Any one know? I hear $20 or more. Hope that is correct? its my first true penny find
  2. Possible 1990 no s penny?

    Here are 2 pictures. I found this penny in the change drawer and I recently started CRH. I found this 1990 no s penny in immaculent condition and everything looks good. I am hoping that someone can shed some good info and news about the coin? Thanks to all.
  3. 1967 quarter error?

    I have a 1967 quarter with a doubling error. looks like the words LIBERTY are slightly bigger in size and the reverse side the letters UNIT in united are daded out really badly. Is this a true error and if so, what could that be called and worth? Thanks guys!!!
  4. silvers as easy as pie

    Found these little bad boys at work in the change drawer! 5 silvers. a 1947, 1957, 2 1952's and a 1955 guess if i save enough of them, they might be worth some money on melt value. I wonder how much i would get for 5 silver dimes...anyone might know?
  5. new detector, great results

    Was out with my new Garrett ace today for the first time and came across my first wheatie, as well as a dime that looks to be smaller in size and thinner without the ruffled edges like the normal dimes, Im not sure why. Can anyone help me out? is this rare or just badly corroded? Thanks...
  6. ✅ SOLVED any ideas about this find?

    Hello guys and gals, I was detecting at old historic spanish pointe where indians and first settlers of sarasota prospered. I found this, looks to be old on a old lot next to the ocean bay surrounded by wildlife. It looks to be very old. early 1900's? looks like a family crest made out of copper...
  7. silver ring and $4.50 inclad..

    Today I went to a park and scanned the soccer fields for avout 4 hours. came across this silver ring as well as $4.50 in clad. I have a Harbor Freight metal detector and today I decided to purchase online a Garrett ACE 150. I hope its pretty accurate...anyone have experience with that machine...
  8. 100 yr old park..found some cool items

    was out and about at gillespie park in sarasota...3 hours and found these cool items...worth anything? btw im a new to the site and new to MD world! wish me luck.