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  1. Almost!

    It looked real when It was dirty and I had sweat in my eyes…. She was hiding under a park bench, about 3 inches deep in hard dry soil. Not sure what it’s made from, I found it with my Gold Kruzer, VDI 89. I know its Faux, still happy to find it anyway!
  2. New dirt fisher here

    It might be “Coke”, a byproduct of coal. I live in the coal belt region of Pennsylvania, we have TONS of that crap scattered everywhere up to 14 inches deep
  3. thinking of selling my Simplex+ and buying a Vanquish 440 - need some input

    I was going to buy the Simplex bc I have another Nokta I bought the Vanquish 440 instead: 1. I like the 10 inch coil. 2. The tones are more tolerable to my ears vs simplex. 3. It’s multi freq, the simplex is not.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is it?

    I’ll find out when I clean it, 3 cent piece perhaps?
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is it?

    Agreed. There were lots of false and broken signals here too. Pockets of shredded aluminum cans ranging from 6-12 inches deep. This nail and a dime were the only 2 good targets lol. I haven’t tried scratching the washer yet
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is it?

    Bottom View
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is it?

    The signal/VDI was similar to a Copper Penny, so that makes sense. It was next to a 4 inch rectangular nail with a square head.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is it?

    I found it about 10 inches deep next to an old square head nail. Any ideas? It was VDI 23 on Vanquish 440.
  9. Quarter Kruzer

    My favorite of the 2 parks has the footprint of a small town. It has 10 Soccer fields, 6 Baseballs, 1 Tennis court, multiple concession stands. There were also 2 old farm houses on the property plus a 3 active bus stops, and an area where old phone booths stood. I have City permission for this...
  10. Quarter Kruzer

    When there’s no Gold, and you have a Gold Kruzer…. Hunt shallow quarters at the park, 2 inches or less. Quarter total from 2 local parks, July ‘22. $10.25 + 1 Silver Standing Liberty
  11. Mustang Sally + 13 Cents

    I grew up in a colonial town, Strasburg, pa. I got my first detector, Whites Coin Master 2, when I was 8. There wasn’t much to do other than chill outside, or play basic Nintendo game. Between Summer 1988 and 1991 I was able to detect almost every home on Main Street, I went to school with all...
  12. Mustang Sally + 13 Cents

    92 Degrees & humid today, couldn’t dig for more than 20 minutes before feeling sick. Found this toy car & 13 Cents in a randomly picked patch of shade in the woods. The car sounded like a silver dollar hahaha. Is there anywhere people haven’t been?
  13. Gold Kruzer Questions?

    I have some field experience with the Gold Kruzer. I haven’t found gold bc there just isn’t any where I live. Its VERY hot on coins up to 8 inches. Its very sensitive In mineralized soil and trashy areas. The Makro jewelry mode is very precise. I found a silver standing Liberty quarter next to...
  14. 2nd dilema....

    Mineralized soil & oxidation around the target can cause bouncy/false signals sometimes. I have a 440, there is a local park with REALLY hot soil. The 440 doesn’t do well there at all.
  15. VDI?

    Has anyone found copper around the 1st cent mark? VDI 10?
  16. VDI?

    I have a Vanquish 440, most of the time I dig VDI 24 and higher. That covers most silver coins, .10 .25, .50, and $1 coins. Most nickels I’ve found at VDI 13 Zinc Pennies are like 18-22 Copper Pennies 24-25 Dimes are around 22 Some post 1965 quarters range from 25-low 30’s depending on ground...
  17. Abandoned Railroad Siding

    This wall……lol. It’s near the siding, I’m going back this fall, too many bugs!
  18. A weird civil war bullet, an old bus token, slide day at camp and a patch of wheat

    Very nice! Your flatten bullet might be one of these?