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  1. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Good deed for a veteran

    Thank you for taking care of a brother in arms.
  2. Using Army Shovels for digging?

    NOW that's a shovel !!! Can't beat military gear.
  3. Metal Detecting the Pocono Mountains

    Welcome to T net, from Florida
  4. What is on my property???

    I was thinking the same thing LOL !! It's Friday, I'm at work and I'm bored ! Needed a good giggle .
  5. New Today

    Welcome aboard ! from Cape Coral FLA.
  6. I found this in my garden this morning.

    I looked like that this morning in the mirror ! Thank You Bud Lite.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Perforated copper strip

    Maybe a old ground strap for a old radio/TV ? Seen something similar on the floor of a TV antenna station out in the sticks I delivered bottle water to many years ago. Just a shot in the dark.
  8. I was told it is for soldering...

    I'm pretty sure it's not OSHA approved ! Old and cool, like me LOL.
  9. Let?s Go Detect A Cemetery!

    OH NO not the GOLDEN ARM ! Haven't heard that in a coons age !
  10. ✅ SOLVED Heavy Iron Piece Branded F32 No clue

    Maybe part of an old railway switch ? The one's on the side of the track's ? Just shoot'in the dark !
  11. Artillery round?

    If I remember, the business end was painted blue, at least that was what it looked like when I trained it went flop out the tube! Don't remember to much I was to busy eating dirt.
  12. WBTS Relics

    #2 almost look's like a decapping tool or what's left of it ?
  13. What's it

    And I was going to say Dino poop ?
  14. Not your garden variety pull tab

    Look's like a Hinze V8 tab ?
  15. Spring ahead tonight Could Be Last Time

    My bladder tell's me when to get up ! it doesn't care what time it is LOL !
  16. 5 gallon glass jug

    Your going to want to be cautions with full glass bottles, many decades ago I delivered those bottles, and they will blow apart ! Take into consideration they were designed to hold water at 8lbs per gallon, 75 to 100lbs of coins will make them blow out. One of my customers almost lost a foot...

    I can't help with the dates, BUT those are COOl ! Still have color on them, nice finds
  18. Training

    12 at a time, LOL !!
  19. WW 2 SILVER

    That collar button is Military Police, my old MOS. nice find ! I still have mine on my old dress green's. LOL
  20. What is it

    AHHHHH ! You found my mother-in-law !! Sorry, couldn't help myself, it's Monday I needed a laugh.