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  1. Grandpa's rock collection

    I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying two different types of collector's, I was just saying he mostly studied, I've seen some collector's that their collection is very valuable I realize that they could study just as much or more. Either way thank you for your outlook and sharing your...
  2. Grandpa's rock collection

    Wow, Thank you for all the information, so you helped things make alot of sense to me, ill that you shared your thoughts of a actual collector stand point I now feel like their are two different types off collectors, what I mean by saying that he was really into the...
  3. M

    I have not put these in categories yet, from Belize, Canada, New Jersey, NewYork, South Dakota...

    I have not put these in categories yet, from Belize, Canada, New Jersey, NewYork, South Dakota, Peru, just to name a few.
  4. Grandpa's rock collection

    Ok, thanks for the information, I have not done anything like that nor is it my intention of doing so, ill keep your advice in mind if I decide to sell collection.thanks again. Kind regards,
  5. Grandpa's rock collection

    Thank you, very good advice you gave me here with serval options. Thanks again. Best Regards,
  6. Grandpa's rock collection

    Not necessarily, im just saying if anything grabs anyone's attention or sees something cool or interesting to let me know, I have no idea what I'm looking at. Kind regards
  7. Grandpa's rock collection

    I found this earlier, its pretty cool its say Indian hatchet, Harrisburg PA.. ill continue to post items as I unwrap them if anyone see anything interesting or would like to make offers let me know. We can discuss it or if you might happen to see a gem, I am considering donation to schools or...
  8. Grandpa's rock collection

    Thanks for the information, I will definitely take your advice, these were only a few that I had opened, I have around 6 more large boxes, I have a couple boxes that are larger in size, these were the smallest ones I unwrapped. Ill be looking for anything from New Mexico and chihuahua, I found...
  9. Grandpa's rock collection

    Hello to all, I recently opened my grandpas rock collection he passed away over 20 years ago, and the news papper that his mineral collection was wrapped in was from 1972, I just started unwrapping them. I don't know what to do with these he has thousands of rocks minerals from all over the...