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  1. Sleepys Most Wanted (Roosevelt Dimes)

    Apr 2022 1st Box 1: 1943 MERC Box 2: skunk 8th Box 1: skunk $60 MWR: skunk $205 CWR: skunk 13th Box 1: 1964 Box 2: 1964D 15th $205 CWR: 1959D 19th Box 1: skunk Box 2: skunk //2001 PAN 22d Box 1: skunk //All 2022's Box 2: skunk $30 MWR: skunk $135 CWR: skunk 26th Box 1: skunk 29th Box 1...
  2. 1Q 2022 CRH results

    Very nice scores as usual, CJ! Always good to see Buffs, Mercs, and Walkers. Do you use Nic-A-Date on the dateless Buffs? I've had pretty good success with being able to pull the date with limited use of that product.
  3. Silver is still out there

    It's one thing to find solid's another to find coins in that condition. Sweet! Strange with the brinks wrapper. What do you think was going on there?
  4. Finally Found a Key Date

    Great find, Ranger Chuck! I wouldn't say "strangely elusive" when talking about the '38S. The three Jeff nickels in discussion are the Top 3 most difficult to find in terms of mint numbers, so it's no surprise that your search has landed you here. Good luck on filling your final two holes...
  5. Sleepys Most Wanted (Roosevelt Dimes)

    Mar 2022 4th $225 CWR: 1964, 1964D //5 Pence 11th $245 CWR: 1944 MERC, 1945 MERC, 1946, 1949D, 1957, 1958D, 1963D, 1964 31st Box 1: skunk $365 CWR: 1957 //1x CAN Month Results Dimes $1085 (4.34 Boxes) - 9 FDRs, 2 MERCs Total Ag: 0.79573 oz Not bad numbers considering I was out of town a...
  6. Another Teller Anecdote

    Score, blueberra! Putting together a solid year so far with the Walker and that huge box from January. Maybe you're due for a haircut next?
  7. Sleepys Most Wanted (Roosevelt Dimes)

    Feb 2022 5th Box 1: 1961D //1st Ag from a box in new hunting grounds Box 2: skunk 11th Box 1: skunk Box 2: skunk 15th Box 1: skunk //95% 2022's Box 2: skunk //95% 2022's $130 CWR: 1924 MERC //NEW FIND!!! 18th Box 1: skunk //90% 2022's Box 2: skunk //90% 2022's $545 CWR: 1964(x2), 1964D(x6)...
  8. 2021 Results with Pics (Dad and Tanner)

    Great finds as always, D&T! Looks like you got a bit of everything in 2021. Were you able to get any hunts in with your son last year? I'm sure he's busy with college and all.
  9. Not a West Point quarter but I'll take it.

    This comment highlights one of the major problems with the new site format: it's bringing non-CRHers into this forum to trash a guy that just pulled a 96 yr old coin from a roll he got from his local bank.
  10. Not a West Point quarter but I'll take it.

    Not too shabby off 2 rolls of quarters. 👍
  11. Sleepys Most Wanted (Roosevelt Dimes)

    THE MINT STRIKES BACK... When we last left off, Sleepy had been hit by a fierce one-two punch that included a global pandemic followed by a permanent change-of-station. No longer is the local banking system rich with high volume opportunities. Gone are the days when $5310 in dime volume for a...
  12. 3rd dime bag for the year.

    Good take...keep stacking! :icon_thumright:
  13. Explain your USERNAME and AVATAR on this thread...

    *BUMP* We've had quite a few new people join the forum over the past few years. Tell us about yourself...
  14. Immy's Casino Royale

    Immy! Congrats on #500! Nice merc you snagged as well. Excited to see you mixing in some quarters these days. May your next hunt include a pre-65. :icon_thumright:
  15. Dime with soft strike? or what?

    I too think it's a grease error. I have found many like this from the mid-to-late 2010's. They are cool for the collection, but probably not worth anything. Guess quality control doesn't care as much as they used to.
  16. Best dimes find I have ever had - unbelievable

    Hopefully starting a small operation in December. A lot of transition...moved in April, lived out of suitcases till we closed on a house at the end of June, had our second child last month, just about done with the initial house projects. Main hold up is work. My last assignment was a school...
  17. Best dimes find I have ever had - unbelievable

    Wow! What a haul my friend! I have to say, I've enjoyed reading your posts over the past year or two. Happy that these rolls went to a CRHer like yourself. Keep stacking...:coins::coins::coins:
  18. Immy's Casino Royale

    Maybe #500 will be a 43D...
  19. I need the wisdom of the elders here!

    A few years ago, I lived in a town where my dump bank vault manager wanted to roll as much coin in house as possible to cut down on ordering coin. He literally told me "bring as many dimes as you want". :occasion14: Great set up there! Last year, I lived in a place where I had one dump bank...
  20. First Ag Find in my New State

    We just moved into our new house a few weeks ago. Looks like the grocery store down the street is showing some early signs of promise. Found this goodie along with $0.15 and C$0.10. 1958D FDR Dime, Obverse and Reverse