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  1. Confederate Gold

    I heard that version also
  2. Second Seminole War Finds

    What parts of Florida? I’m in mount dora
  3. Found a Gorgeous 1763 One Reale Yesterday

    What state are you in? I’m in Florida.
  4. In north Florida mount Dora area

    In north Florida mount Dora area Eustis deland. Looking for any info on treasure sites or areas to hunt. New to area. Lived in Miami before and I had plenty of places to go there. And fellow hunters in the area?
  5. What if I had 24k pure raw gold?

    Did you find it in a cave? Or the ground? Was it underwater? Was it found in USA? I heard something about Philippines having super rich gold. Maybe it’s 28k that’s why it crumbles. 😩
  6. What if I had 24k pure raw gold?

    That’s amazing. Wish I new a place to hunt for gold. You give me hope
  7. !~1793 Flowing Hair Wreath and Bars Large Cent!~

    What?s the value of that [I found one just like that hunting on the side of a mountain I was wondering what it was worth I?ve had it for about five years
  8. Leesburg, Lake County Florida

    I’m down for info. Just moved here from Miami usually hunt the keys and Vero beach. Didn’t know there was much of anything up here. 786-352-7281 Chris
  9. Leesburg, Lake County Florida

    I?ll go hunt with you. Even my daughter treasure hunting season 11 I?m in Eustis I?m ready to go hunting on adventures if you are still doing treasure hunts Chris
  10. Leesburg, Lake County Florida

    I moved from Miami to Lake County eustis I?m up for any treasure hunting. Where did they find the gold coins. What area or beach