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  1. USPS Shipping

    I only ship via USPS Priority 1-3 day shipping - it's been 100% reliable and on time for domestic. Shipping to Canada, otoh had me on the verge of going postal.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What was the purpose of this and why would it be in a field?

    Mysterious item is part of a lot of rocks and fossils I purchased at an estate sale of a farm in Southern MN. Everything in the box was more or less encrusted in dirt, bore varying degrees of knicks and scratches (probably from being run over multiple times by farm equipment) and splattered...
  3. Please help id axe

    We shall see. We shall allllllllll see. . . JK. Ima try to educate myself so that doesn't happen.
  4. Please help id axe

    Haha you know it! I've got so many rocks that stood out from the rest - they're lined up on ledges, taking up counter space, occupying tables and my nightstand... On the plus side, I've discovered that I really like rocks. They're mysterious, like paleo-indian artifacts. I look at them...
  5. Please help id axe

    Aw, it's good to know I'm developing an eye for NA artifacts!👀👀👀

    Your description of the Indian drumming & singing changing the weather reminds me of accounts by European settlers in the mid-late 1800's reporting seeing something similar among the Ojibwa camps in Minnesota. They wrote and told others who complied their accounts that there would be occasions...
  7. Please help id axe

    Ha! I couldn't take the excitement of always finding "axes" so I'd best stick to fields lol.

    Oooooh that is an interesting question. I've never had a paranormal experience while artifact hunting - but then I've only been at it for about 3 months so far! Knock on wood the "only" weird/scary thing I encounter is a ghost! I'm looking forward to reading other people's experiences tho.
  9. Please help id axe

    Thanks for the welcome! As I mentioned before, I've been lurking this site before posting so I knew there are knowledgeable people here. I'm definitely willing to learn from everyone - cuz I'm obsessed! Truth be told, I'm still holding out 25% hope my find is an axe. Maybe if I took better...
  10. Please help id axe

    Thanks! But I didn't take anyone's comment as negative. I asked for help in id-ing my find and that's what it got, so I'm cool with what I was told.
  11. Please help id axe

    Thank you for checking my find out and taking time to give me your honest assessment. It's crazy how potent mother nature combined with a little bit of knowledge can be in my hopeful mind.
  12. Please help id axe

    Thank you for explaining the reasons why this isn't an axe. Your comment makes me realize that it's important for me to see irl examples of pecking/flaking/grinding. I'd rather my bubble is burst than to go on being happy and wrong lol.
  13. Please help id axe

    Thank you for answering. I've been lurking this forum before posting my find, so I recognize that you know what you're talking about.
  14. Please help id axe

    Well, now that my disappointment is under control, I wanted to write back to let you know that I sincerely appreciate the time and thought you put into answering my question about my rock. I imagine knowledgeable people like you are swamped with noobs like me getting mad. The truth is a bummer...
  15. Please help id axe

    Thanks for answering. If you look at the pics you'll see its an axe tho.
  16. Please help id axe

    Found last month in a northern MN field last month, right before they temp went below zero. I believe the area has been home to Chippewa, Ojibwa, Dakota. I've looked at Overstreet and all over the net but can't find examples of an axe like this, so any info will be greatly appreciated. The...